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We work through partnerships with local communities and organizations. We provide at-risk children with caring homes, health care and education.

  • HOPE has 'boots on the ground'. Help us to help Nepal!

    The catastrophic 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shook the Kathmandu valley Saturday has impacted hundreds of thousands of lives while destroying infrastructure and countless homes and buildings. Trails to the inland are destroyed stranding thousands.

    The death toll is already over 1500 people and experts expect the number to rise considerably in the days to come.

    More than 20 years ago, Hope for the Nations (HOPE) established our first home in Kathmandu, and today has a network of close friends, partnerships and projects in the city and surrounding areas.

    Most of our partners have checked in and are alive, but report on various degrees of destruction. The need is great to support our partners as they are ‘hands and feet’ on the ground at this time.

    ACTION: HOPE is responding to the disaster by raising funds to send to our partners and leaders to mobilize relief to their communities.  Donate here. 

    We deeply appreciate your support, prayer and donations at this time. 

    The HOPE team

  • Organic gardening comes to the Urban poor in Davao...


    The city of Davao in the Philippines, known for its fertile soil and temperate climate, is ideal for farming, particularly organic farming. Yet you only see a few people in the slums grow their own vegetables. The lack of space is an obvious reason, but Tancho Baes (HOPE Philippines’ Executive Director) believes that with simple education and training, the urban poor can be empowered to have their own organic gardens at home using recycled containers and has set out to prove it.


    Nanay Bebeng, the most popular “all-you-can-eat” restaurant in the city, has donated containers towards this project and has offered to buy the high value vegetables HOPE recipient families will collectively grow in the community.


    With the Garden of Hope Showroom now in place as a training center, Benjie Gabriel (Livelihood Program Director), is now training children and parents how to do this at home.


    Having their own organic garden will help the urban poor become environmentally conscious, provide them healthy food on the table, and empower them to make a profit.


    This is just one way Hope for the Nations, Philippines is endeavoring to make a difference.

  • We are here!


    What a joy to be back in Burundi and Congo!  Hot, noisy, uncertain- wonderful!


    We’ve spent the last 2 weeks getting settled back and making a home-base for us here in Bujumbura, Burundi. There is much uncertainty and tension in the country at this time due to the upcoming political elections. Added into the mix has been a fuel shortage with long queues, empty gas stations, and a subsequent shortage of goods and services due to lack of fuel for transport. We managed to get 20 liters last week and have embarked on an austerity program as we’re uncertain as to when we might get fuel again.

    The children are doing well at our New Hope Children's Center. They are in the process of writing end of term exams and are doing well. This week we said goodbye to three of our children who have been accepted into the UNHCR (UN Refugee Agency) resettlement program and are on their way, with some extended family, to America.


    At the same time we welcomed a family of 5 children whose parents had been killed within a day of each other. The oldest child is 14 and the youngest is only 2 years of age. When they arrived they were very malnourished, but within a week they are already feeling happier and looking much healthier. We will be working to find schools for the three oldest and get them settled into our home-life.

    We made a trip into Congo to visit our school at Shalom Center and also our Najenga project and neighboring village. The children were very excited to see us at both locations and were especially excited to learn the progress of our plans for education in the village. A new football, skipping ropes, and of course "bonbons".

    We have just made arrangements for our new milk cow to be delivered thanks to the Twelve Days of Christmas at Hope for the Nations. We will send pictures as soon as they (cow and calf) arrive on site.

    Tomorrow I will travel into Congo again to begin surveying and layout of our building on our Najenga land, as well as arranging for transportation into the mountains after Easter. It is so good to be back in Africa although we do miss our family and friends in Canada. Thank you all for your support and care! Please continue to pray for the countries of Burundi and Democratic Republic of Congo as they transition through these uncertain times.

    Ray, Mary Anne and Boss David




  • It’s early in the morning and time to leave your family at home, walk the 5 kilometers to work, and spend your day slaving away at a sewing sweatshop. You do this 6 days a week. In return for your 10 hour day, you will be paid $1.00. At the end of your long day, you’ll have to journey home, often in the dark, and you will likely be robbed and/or assaulted.......


    Hope partner, Carol Jones and Destitute to Destiny aim to change the lives of the women who find themselves in this destructive and unrewarding cycle that domineers their lives.


    This past Christmas we ran our first 12 Days of HOPE campaign. Working together with 12 partners in various countries, we launched the campaign to help raise funds for specific tangible projects that required support.


    Destitute to Destiny’s sewing micro-enterprise was one such project. The goal was to raise funds to purchase sewing machines so women trapped in the sweatshop cycle could instead work in the comfort and safety of their own homes.


    We are so pleased to share with you that, together with Carol Jones at Destitute to Destiny, enough funds have been raised to cover the cost of setting up 5 sewing machine businesses which translates to 5 families well on their way to being self-sustainable.


    Here are some pieces of the report that we received from India:

    • The girls in this community came together and formed a little cooperative, which they decided to also name Destitute to Destiny.
    • They appointed 2 leaders and opened a bank account.
    • They have negotiated contracts with agents for whom they will sew jeans, as they are already trained in this skill. They have a group that will monitor the quality of the work being completed.  
    • The women decided that every person who receives a sewing machine would repay the cooperative $6.00 CAD per month until the cost of the machine is fully repaid.
    • They will not be charged interest on this micro-loan.
    • The money that comes in will be used to buy more sewing machines in the future to help other women.


    Click here to learn more about Destitute to Destiny and get involved in the sewing machine project!    

  • An update from HOPE Executive Director, Patrick Elaschuk, on location in Colima, Mexico.

    Last Sunday, hundreds of runners took to the sunny streets of Colima to raise 146,000 pesos ($12,000 Canadian) for a very good reason. The annual event, hosted and sponsored by Ternium Mining, raises money for a chosen charity that is decided upon by the company.

    One of our house parents who works for Ternium, a mining company, submitted Hogar de Amor y Protección al Niño (Home of Love and Protection for the Child) as a potential candidate to receive funding. The children, staff, and volunteers were ecstatic to find out that Hogar de Amor was selected. Being chosen as the beneficiary for such a high profile event was a huge honour.

    Hope for the Nations (HFTN) partners with Hogar de Amor and church Grupo Amor to operate an amazing conglomerate of children’s homes and mercy ministries – a major social service impacting this capital city and surrounding states with parental love, emotional and physical needs, and a commitment to see every child through to their highest level of education.

    Originally focused on residential care for children of parents who were in prison, Hogar de Amor has been home for over 1000 children from birth to career training. It has hosted hundreds of teams volunteering both short and longer-term, impacting the lives of the children as well as themselves! With the recent establishment of a first-class private Christian school, the goal of financial self-sufficiency is closer to a reality.

    Hope for the Nations, Mexico Directors, Joyce and John Brinkerhoff are presently in Colima encouraging the leaders, visiting the homes, and brainstorming strategies to impact more children.

    Like our houseparent who shared about Hogar de Amor to his employer with great results, we too can share about the beautiful children of Mexico.


    You can read more about Hogar de Amor y Proteccion al Nino here.





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