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We work through partnerships with local communities and organizations. We provide at-risk children with caring homes, health care and education.

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    Miracle Plant Heals Malnourished Orphans

    Let us tell you about Moringa Oleifera....a plant that we are currently harvesting in countries such as Liberia, and plan to harvest in many more of the countries we are involved in. Prepare to be amazed as you learn why Moringa is providing nutrition to our precious orphans and projects.

    Here are some of the incredible facts that go to show why its nutritional value is thought to be higher than any other plant in the world...

    Moringa contains:

    - 3 times the Potassium than bananas

    - 7 times the Vitamin C as oranges

    - 25 times the Iron than spinach

    - 4 times the Calcium than milk

    - 4 times the Vitamin A than carrots

    - 46 antioxidants

    - 36 anti-inflammatories

    In Ganta, Liberia, Moringa leaves are dried and crushed into a powder that is then fed to malnourished children by being sprinkled on top of their rice. By doing this, we have found that the recovery rate for children is often half of what it used to be! It is also used as a tea for adults to drink, or used in soap as a cleanser for wounds.

    Work together with us as we take advantage of this miracle plant! Learn more about Liberia here, or an amazing project in the Philippines that will be utilizing Moringa soon here!


    Image Used Under Creative Commons license: By Tencho (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons



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    Watch our gardens grow....

    We are so excited to see the work that organics4orphans has been doing with our partners both in Kenya & Liberia.

    What could be better than teaching our children how to grow their own organic vegetables right in their back yard?

    The health benefits as well as the homes moving towards sustainability and micro enterprise are nothing short of fabulous!!

    Karen Barkman, founder of Provision of Hope, is thrilled to see the progress that has already been made at Ma Esther’s land in Liberia, which was the first of 6 planned organic gardens going in this year.

    Everyone participated in the planting and as you can see in the above picture the children are really enjoying helping out with the watering of the seeds.

    With the added nutrition to their diets through organic gardening, Karen is expecting the children to develop a much stronger immune system.  

    Each project will have at least 10 raised beds. The cost is approximately $500 per project, which includes all of the necessary garden tools and the transportation costs for our trainers.

    If you would like to help & be a part of this remarkable project  we invite you to read more!


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    5 Things Your Probably Didn't Know About WATER

    World Water Day (March 22) is fast approaching. Many people take for granted that we turn a tap on and drink the water that comes out of it, without a worry for it's safety and cleanliness. I may not be the first person to point this out for you and this message may not turn heads anymore, but here are some thoughts about water that just may have you thinking about water in a new way. 

    The theme for 2014 World Water Day is "Water and Energy".  

    1. Water requires energy and energy requires water.

    Water is required to produce nearly all forms of energy. Energy is needed at all stages of water extraction, treatment and distribution.

    2. Supplies are limited and demand is increasing.

    Demand for freshwater and energy will continue to increase significantly over the coming decades. This increase will present big challenges and strain resources in nearly all regions, especially in developing and emerging economies.

    3. Saving energy is saving water. Saving water is saving energy.

    Choices concerning the supply, distribution, price, and use of water and energy impact one another.

    4. The “bottom billion” urgently needs access to both water and sanitation services, and electricity.

    Worldwide, 1.3 billion people cannot access electricity, 768 million people lack access to improved water sources and 2.5 billion people have no improved sanitation. Water and energy have crucial impacts on poverty alleviation.

    5. Improving water and energy efficiency is imperative as are coordinated, coherent and concerted policies.

    Better understanding between the two sectors of the connections and effects on each other will improve coordination in energy and water planning, leading to reducing inefficiencies. Policy-makers, planners and practitioners can take steps to overcome the barriers that exist between their respective domains. Innovative and pragmatic national policies can lead to more efficient and cost effective provision of water and energy service. (Quoted from http://www.un.org/en/events/waterday/)

    So, this World Water Day share a little knowledge that you just gained with your friends.  The struggle for water affects many of the regions that Hope for the Nations is involved in.  Your support ensures that HOPE can deliver one of life's most basic needs to children in 22 countries.

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    Educating girls in Nepal - Solukhumbu

    We at HOPE are proud to partner with "The Small World."  Together we are running a program to combat human trafficking and reduce the gender gap between males and females in education. One of the places this is happening is in the Solukhumbhu Girls dorm in Nepal where we are providing free access to accommodation and full scholarships to girls who need our support to achieve their college education.

    Nepal, because of its deep rooted culture and tradition, sees many girls unwanted by their parents and facing overwhelming odds from the day they are born. Because she is a girl, she’s more likely to suffer from malnutrition, be forced into an early marriage, be subjected to violence, be sold into the sex trade, or become infected with HIV.

    We have found that the longer a girl stays in school, the more valued she becomes by her family and in her own eyes - and the less vulnerable she is to being sold or lured into bondage or become a child bride.

    The results speak for themselves, look what is happening at this one home alone.

    • 40 girls graduated in year 2013 and next 40 on their way to graduate in 2015.
    • 22% of girls are qualified for different jobs after graduation.
    • 40% girls continue their university education.


    For more information please visit our partner The Small World  if you are looking for a way to donate to this amazing cause you can also visit the HOPE website.

    Thank you Karma and The Small World for allowing us to use your information and statistics. .


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    Justice is RISING in Saskatoon!

    This past month, our partner Justice Rising held an amazing gala in Saskatoon to raise awareness for projects in Kenya and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

    Over dinner, dessert and a silent auction, founder and director of Justice Rising Cassandra Basnett shared about her "obsession with bringing love into the darkest places on earth."

    So what does that look like? Certainly something much different than we might find in Saskatoon, or many other places at that!

    Love and justice in this case means rescuing girls from sexual slavery and trafficking, counselling them and empowering them to be whole again. It means creating community restoration classes in war zones, and rescuing young child soldiers who got caught in the crossfire of civil unrest. It means educating the most destitute children and creating micro-businesses for women trapped in abusive situations.

    Justice Rising lives in the midst of these situations, and is walking out justice by bringing passion to the community of Saskatoon.

    Locals took part in the gala by donating beautiful paintings depicting love as well as many other products for the silent auction and materials for the gala.

    Justice Rising and Saskatoon we are inspired!

    Learn more about Justice Rising here!

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