You are a
Gift of HOPE

We at HOPE, wish you a joyful festive season. Thank you for supporting Hope for the Nations this year. Our programs, both locally and internationally, were a success because of you.


Our programs emulate Hope for the Nation’s primary objective to help children become leaders and positive changemakers in their communities. As a boutique NGO, we customize each program to specific communities, both locally and internationally.

We are so grateful for the support of donors; it allows us to reach more communities and open our doors to even more life-changing projects every year.



We believe that a healthy meal is the most crucial school supply a child can have. Over 5900 youth in the Central Okanagan live in a food-insecure home and are at risk of going to school hungry. Food for Thought aims to eliminate hunger in children, one child at a time.

Through local partnerships, and our very own garden, our programs provide healthy food and sustainable nutrition. Our work is made possible by a passionate team of volunteers who give their time each week so that children have the opportunity for a bright future and are equipped with the nutrients needed to thrive.

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Our involvement in 19+ countries focuses on housing, education, health care, community development, emergency response, micro-enterprise, and agriculture. It is an honour to help many children find a safe place they can call home. This past year entailed many challenges for our agents, but we have continued to operate most programs and extended resources into communities to provide support during the pandemic.

Through your donations this year, we were able to finalize projects, establish new homes, and respond when disaster hit. We are grateful for your faithful support. It allows us to continue our work and be there when most needed.

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Program delivery contributes directly to the foundational operating expenses of Hope for the Nations. Without your commitment of support, none of this would be possible. This year has been a challenging one but an equally rewarding one. As a boutique NGO, when the world shut down, we persevered to ensure the function of our programs was not affected. The needs of children did not stop because of a pandemic. We have so much gratitude for those who continue to support our program delivery. You made it possible for us to navigate these difficult times, maintaining our overhead while still ensuring the success of our programs both locally and internationally.

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The need around us never decreases, and more than ever, we require your support to ensure our programs and initiatives can continue.