92hands is a movement empowering young adults in Uganda to transform their communities through intensive community service. Believing that true community development is not just about providing money or services, 92hands helps people discover their innate potential, learning to become self sufficient and to thrive over time.

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One Child Education

One of the best ways to change the life of a community is to change the lives of the children in it. Educating our children helps break the generational cycles of illiteracy and poverty and paves the way to a successful and productive future.

The One Child Education program ensures that children who are vulnerable in the community are identified and provided the resources necessary to attend school and attain an education.


Us4Women empowers Ugandan women to rise above poverty through workshops, adult literacy programs, business, and skills training.

Educating a woman fosters self-esteem, confidence, and promotes active participation in her society. An educated mother can enhance the literacy of the family, encourage better hygiene, increase financial status, conquer disadvantages and discrimination, and fight against exploitation.

We believe that investing in a women’s empowerment and skill development is one of the most effective means to drive progress on gender equality, poverty eradication, and inclusive economic growth.