Agape Gospel Mission


Our home first opened its doors in August of 2000. Since then we have expanded our services to include a full-service children’s home, a Community At Risk program, a complete K-12 academic program, and a transition program for older children. We believe in seeing each child safely into adulthood by assisting them to make the transition from education into a vocation.

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Agape Academy International

Today the academy provides education for not only children in our home, but also for many children in the surrounding community.

Agape Children's Home

Children are taken in who have lost both biological parents, and whose extended family members are incapable of supporting them. Unlike many other children’s homes in Ghana, our home is based on a community care model of helping children at risk. Each child lives in a separate family unit with foster parents and up to six other children. We provide each child with their own bed and clothes, nutrition, access to medical care, and education at Agape Academy. Contact with the greater community is experienced on a daily basis, and interaction with relatives is encouraged.

Community At Risk Program

The Community At Risk Program came as a response to the desperate poverty of the neighborhoods surrounding our Children’s Home. Our program provides a full scholarship to the Agape Academy, along with a school uniform, books, two nutritious meals a day, medical assistance, and family support.