Heart4Mexico brings life-giving transformation to communities through effective and Christ-centered ministries. We strive for trustworthy standards and life-changing outcomes that will impact these communities for generations to come. Our vision is deeply rooted in the desire to serve and extend love to those who are otherwise overlooked.

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Nana’s House

Nana’s House is a safe place for children to begin their healing journey to wholeness. We have a long-term commitment to be the child’s family if that is what they need.

Education is a huge focus at Nana’s House. Most children that come into the home are behind in school and emotional wounds make learning difficult. In order to address the needs of these children, we run an accredited school program with grades 1-12 that allows children to experience success.

Girl's & Boy's Home Construction

After years of renting spaces, land has been donated for a permanent place to reside. We are building two beautiful homes for Nana’s House and an auditorium that seats 400 people with classrooms. The homes are separate for boys and girls. Each has a complete kitchen, dining room, laundry, and storage areas. The bedrooms allow each child their own single bed, closet, and bathroom shared by four children.