Every child needs love, security, and acceptance.

Heart4orphans is a non-profit human services agency helping children and teens living in extreme poverty or at risk. Our goal is for each child to have parental love, proper education, nutrition and health care. This is accomplished through our dedicated staff, volunteers, donors and community members.

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Foster Care Program

Our philosophy is that every child deserves to have love, protection and care provided by parents. We recognize the family as being the most favorable setting for a child to develop and grow physically, mentally and emotionally.

Our strategy is to partner with local couples in order to inspire and motivate them to offer a place for children who have experienced the trauma of child abuse and neglect at orphanages or at risk families and who need a stable and caring environment. We seek parents who can give love, guidance and understanding for children having physical, social and emotional needs.

Our Foster Care Program recruits, trains, certifies and supervises couples wanting to become foster parents. Our goals are to protect, provide sufficient care for a child in a nurturing, safe and loving environment, and to give each family ongoing training and support.

Independent Living Program

When children age out of state orphanages, they soon realize that they will be released into an uncertain world where they have to fight on their own. These children, without the benefit of guidance and advice, are likely entering into homelessness, unemployment, and a lifetime of struggle. Forced labor, sexual slavery and a life in the streets leading to crime, prostitution, alcohol and drug abuse is the destiny for many of these young people.

We have the power to help reshape their future by providing positive guidance and a sense of hope that will empower them to make healthy choices and live productive lives.

Our program is dedicated to equip teens and youth with basic life skills needed to successfully transition from orphanages into productive, independent and confident adulthood.

We offer support in the following areas:

  • Life skills training
  • Vocational guidance and assistance with studies
  • Work and employment
  • Legal consultation and follow-up
  • Material aid
  • Psychological and emotion support services
  • Temporary accommodation

At-Risk Family Support

Our program supports families at risk to prevent children from being removed from their families and placed in residential institutions. In addition, our program helps families to get out of material, moral, psychological and spiritual crises.

We interact with families in various ways:

  • Studying the family and analyzing its problems;
  • Basic inspection of the living conditions;
  • Getting to know the family members and their network;
  • Joint pedagogical consultations to determine a line of combined action;
  • Studying the reasons for the family‚Äôs disadvantages, their distinctive features, and goals;
  • Coordination with all concerned organizations (educational institutions, pre-school institutions, juvenile inspectorate, etc.);
  • Drawing up a work program;
  • Routine and control visits to the family;
  • Making conclusions and summing up the results of work.

Our goal is to provide care for children raised in families which are in crisis and need social, psychological, legal, material and financial support.