Hope & Bright Future Center


Hope & Bright Future Center was established in the Soweto slum of Nairobi to serve children and their families. The Soweto community has an estimated population of over 798,000 people and most are earning less than a dollar a day. There are a few private schools in the slum, however the fees are too high for most children to attend.

Our school provides accessible education and a nutrition program that has become an integral part of the school day, and is often the only meal some children receive.

Hope & Bright Future Center is a vibrant community within Soweto. It is a humble space full of heart with our teachers and staff serving up to 200 young children.

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Nutrition Program

Monthly support is needed to ensure our students receive regular meals each day. Providing this nourishment supports the children in their growth and development, and aids their ability to concentrate and learn in an academic environment.

Teacher Salaries

Our school is run by a dedicated team of staff and teachers. Our monthly support ensures they are paid a fair wage for the time they invest with our students.