Hope for the Nations Liberia


The work of HOPE Liberia began in late 1997 when the country was in the process of recovering from a devastating 8-year civil war in which approximately 13% of the pre-war population was killed. We began our work by placing 85 war-affected children into 47 foster homes. In 2003, war broke out again and the social, political, and economic fabric of the Ganta area was ripped apart, but is now gradually being rewoven. Tragically, the war left its victims, mostly widows and orphans, in a place of desperate poverty, hopelessness and disarray.

Multitudes of children were left abandoned or orphaned. However, many of these children now have a stable home environment, and each child in our care has free tuition at the Hope Academy. Hope for the Nations Liberia continues our work today bringing children into families, and hope into Liberia’s future.

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Children’s Mercy Center

Our Center has rescued hundreds of malnourished children from near starvation. Malnourished children, either from sickness or lack of feeding, are cared for here. Children are identified as malnourished by HOPE staff, local hospitals, families, or UNICEF and then referred to our center where they remain in our care for 2-6 months. During this time children are accompanied by a family member who assists with their care and is also mentored in health and nutrition practices. Children are carefully monitored until they are healthy and strong enough to return home.

Hope Homes

Hope Homes are an integral part of HOPE Liberia as some children who come into our Center may be orphans and have no home to return to. These children are placed with carefully selected foster families who provide a loving family for them.

Hope Academy

In operation since 1998, Hope Academy educates over 300 children each year and has seen over 1000 graduates. Our goal is to see our students become tomorrow’s leaders.

Hope Farm

Hope Farm is a 25 acre parcel of land, currently being used to raise bees for honey, grow palm trees for palm oil, pineapples, cassava, lettuce, moringa and rubber trees. The crops are a benefit to our Hope Homes as well as the surrounding community.

The Shelter

Formally known as the Equip Building, this space houses our administrative offices and is used to provide training for our Hope families in areas such as sewing, baking, and parenting.


Our scholarships assist students to pursue a post-secondary education and help facilitate the dreams of young leaders who will impact their communities.