Hope for the Nations Philippines


Hope for the Nations Philippines advocates for impoverished people to receive a fair chance at life by providing them with opportunities and services that are normally not easily accessible to them like education, healthcare, social enterprise, sustainable livelihood, and skills training. These opportunities serve as their pathway to a better life and a brighter future for them and their families.

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Hectares of Hope

Hectares of Hope is a holistic community transformation program aimed at lifting impoverished rural communities out of poverty within 10 to 24 months through innovative, sustainable and scalable solutions and collaborative partnerships.

We focus on equipping families and members of the community in 4 Key Areas; Livelihood & Sustainability, Financial Literacy, Innovative Education & Leadership Development, and Values Formation & Mentorship.

We envision our Hectares of Hope community to be replicated in other impoverished rural areas in the region and beyond.

Pathway to Life Schoolhouse

Most of the children we work with attend public schools, however, they are receiving substandard education due to a shortage of classrooms, qualified teachers, and materials. Already at a disadvantage, it is difficult for these children to excel academically and socially when they are one among 50 to 70 students in a class. If they are not given an opportunity to receive quality education, they are likely to drop out of school and continue to be vulnerable to abuse, gangs, or child labor.

Education is key to helping change the trajectory of an impoverished child’s life. Our dream is to provide an innovative school that offers a ‘learn-at-your-own-pace’ model based on a child’s unique learning style, personality traits, and gifts. Our goal is to raise leaders who are articulate communicators, critical and global thinkers yet with a deep love for the Philippines and a passion to serve.

Our school adopts effective homeschooling techniques to educate and raise children up to be influential leaders. Our long-term goal is to establish multiple schoolhouses throughout the Philippines.

Leadership Capacity Development

Leadership Capacity Development provides administration and operational support to run our programs in the Philippines.