Hope for the Nations Philippines


Hope for the Nations Philippines advocates for impoverished people to receive a fair chance at life by providing them with opportunities and services that are normally not easily accessible to them like education, healthcare, social enterprise, sustainable livelihood, and skills training. These opportunities serve as their pathway to a better life and a brighter future for them and their families.

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Hectares of Hope

The Hectares of Hope farm initiative has two main goals – to provide opportunity for people to lift themselves out of poverty and to do it in a sustainable way that does not rely on continual donations. The best part of this is – it’s working!

One of the challenges of building a sustainable community is initially providing the tools to get them on the right road. Our new mountain-top community of farmers and their families have some urgent needs to address, partly because of the remote location, but also because they are sitting on the key to sustainability – their beautiful vista.

The first phase of our building development includes a clinic – a small building on the campus to bring health education to the families and treat common illnesses. It is a difficult trek to get to the nearest clinic in the city below, so we want to bring the doctor to the mountain community! Medical professionals on a visiting rotation will treat patients from our farm and the surrounding community, dispense vitamins, supplements, and basic medical supplies (often also donated). The cost of this building will require about $30,000 CAD to build and stock. Can you help us bring affordable health care to these families?

The view from our community is absolutely beautiful and we want to share it! We have been approached by the local government to consider moving into Agritourism, a growing industry in the Philippines, where foreign visitors come to vacation and learn about organic farming, enjoy fresh food and clean mountain air, and leave their tourist dollars behind! In our first phase, we will also build rental glamping cabins to help our families with extra income potential. Proceeds from the rentals will also support the school and other activities, making our community self-supporting. The buildings are sensitively designed to blend in with the landscape and visitors will benefit from learning about organic farming and how we have succeeded in holistically helping families out of poverty.

Each glamping cabin will cost about $25,000 CAD and will be built to tourism standards, be rentable year-round, and provide a long-term income stream. All rental proceeds will be used for charitable purposes.

If you would like to contribute to this phase of development, please select ‘Hectares of Hope’ in the donate drop down menu above.

Pathway to Life Schoolhouse

Education is key to helping change the trajectory of an impoverished child’s life. Our dream is to provide an innovative school that offers a ‘learn-at-your-own-pace’ model based on a child’s unique learning style, personality traits, and gifts. Our goal is to raise leaders who are articulate communicators, critical and global thinkers yet with a deep love for the Philippines and a passion to serve.

Our school adopts effective homeschooling techniques to educate and raise children up to be influential leaders.

Leadership Capacity Development

Leadership Capacity Development provides administration and operational support to run our programs in the Philippines.