Hope for the Nations Romania


Hope for the Nations Romania was established in 2003 as an outreach to the community of Brasov. Our work began by helping rural families with their basic needs such as healthcare, education, shelter, and sustainable business. Although we still work with families in this community, we also facilitate a number of diverse projects in Romania and Eastern Europe.

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Family Sponsorship

We support families through a variety of programs including food stamps, hampers, back to school supplies, and kids camps.

International Medical Workshops

Our work within rural Romanian villages brought to our attention the fact that many medical needs are not being met due to austerity measures. A specific case of a boy with a serious urinary malformation led us to develop international medical workshops. We partner with surgeons to offer life-changing procedures to children who suffer from malformations. Our workshops allow these surgeons to teach doctors from various areas of Romania how to do successful procedures themselves.

Mobile Classroom

The Mobile Classroom offers after school programs for children of all ages to help keep them at grade level, as well as literacy programs for adults. It provides school supplies, educational field trips, and the daily presence of a qualified educator.

Mobile Medical Unit

After testing 400 people in the outlying villages of Brasov, we discovered that only 12 patients could be deemed healthy. Many of the patients had hypertension, chronic bronchitis, and in some cases even tuberculosis. Our Mobile Medical Unit immediately treats patients with serious infections and helps those who cannot afford to pay for a doctor’s visit.