Hope for the Nations Ukraine


Hope for the Nations Ukraine (formerly Destiny Center) was started in 2008 with the goal to help orphanage graduates and teenagers adapt to an independent life. This is accomplished through a variety of programs that focus on developing relationships with students and helping them through everyday life situations.

After students go through our programs, many return as volunteers so that they can touch other orphans and help them walk through similar challenges they have faced. This offers young adults a sense of responsibility and contribution, and it solidifies their place in a community that is there for them through good and difficult times.

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Alpha Programs

Hope for the Nations Ukraine runs an Alpha Course each year in the spring and fall for orphanage graduates and their friends.

Camps & Hikes

During the summer we organize hiking trips in the Carpathians mountains in Eastern Europe. It is a wonderful time of building relationships and learning to take initiative. The students spend this time with leaders who share their own experiences and challenges. Working together in teams, they learn about making decisions in difficult circumstances, taking responsibility for their lives, managing time and money wisely, becoming a trustworthy person, and not giving up when things get hard.

Day Room

Our staff get to know children from various orphanages and schools throughout the country. They are able to build close friendships and offer support through mentorship, community building, and meeting practical needs.