Hope Gateway Education Center


The Sinai slum in Kenya hosts a population of over 200,000 men, women and children. Being a community of squatters, public schools are not available. There are a few private schools in Sinai but most families cannot afford the fees.
Hope Gateway Education Center is located in the center of Sinai and is committed to providing accessible education for the children in the community. Life outside the walls of the school is desperate and dirty, but inside, life is peaceful and productive.
The school began in 2005 with kindergarten and grades 1-2. Today, there are over 200 children at the school with classes running from nursery to grade 6 and a nutritional program being offered.

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Nutrition Program

Monthly support is needed to ensure our students receive regular meals. Our goal is to provide breakfast and lunch each day to nourish their growing bodies and fuel their minds for learning.

Teacher Salaries

Our school is run by a dedicated team of staff and teachers. Our monthly support ensures they are paid a fair wage for the time they invest with our students.

The Enrichment Program

The Enrichment Program is a comprehensive approach to education for the children at Hope Gateway School. Our program aims to add new experiences and materials to enhance learning. Areas of focus include drama, music, sports and tournaments, reading, teaching aids, computers, and field trips.

There are numerous advantages for including creative outlets into the curriculum; teaching cooperation, empathy for others, and decision making skills; building confidence, concentration, language, and communication skills; providing emotional and stress relieving outlets (to name a few)! We believe investing in these areas is so important for the education and development of well rounded students.