Hope Transformation Center


Hope Transformation Center was established in Bungoma with the aim of improving the welfare of community members through various development activities.
Our main purpose is to empower community members economically and increase their capacity so that they can begin to sustain themselves.
Hope Transformation Center uplifts the general welfare of its members through skill development and empowerment.

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Children’s Ministry

Through various circumstances, many children end up on the streets and at risk for exploitation. Our team works with local social services and children’s homes to get children the support they need. Whenever possible, we strive for family reunification. We will conduct searches, background checks, home visits, and follow up care to ensure a child is returning to a safe environment.

Medical Services

Our team facilitates medical camps each month is different communities. A team typically consists of 1 clinical officer and 2-3 nurses who will stay in a location for 1-3 days to provide medication, minor surgery, medical advice and counseling.

Organic Agriculture & Horticulture

We have multiple plots of land in Bungoma being utilized for avocados, eucalyptus trees, maize, beans, vegetables, bee hives, poultry, and fish farming. We train community members on the importance of growing certain crops and methods in organic farming. A portion of the food we grow is given to local children’s homes.