Hope Village


Hope Village is situated on 13 hectares of land in the Chikwawa region of Malawi. It is run primarily by Malawian staff and a few international missionaries. Our goal at Hope Village is to educate, equip and love people into non-dependant, team focused, treasured members of society, who carry their own vision for helping others around them. Our activities include child care, a children’s home, clinic and baby ministry, job skills and training, organic farming, and family support.

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Child Care

Our goal with this program is restoration and reconciliation for children in the care of Hope Village. After intense investigation and background checks, some of the children have been reunited with their families. They continue to be supported through our Family Support Program, which includes weekly home checkups and updates from the schools.

Children’s Home

Our on-site family home is run by foster parents who welcome each child as their own. Here the children are integrated into a loving family and do typical family activities together such as sharing meals, singing songs, learning about domestic life and work ethic. We have seen remarkable results from once abandoned children growing into responsible, educated, considerate adults.

Clinic & Baby Ministry

Our Clinic addresses the medical needs of those in our community by providing free services such as medication, malaria testing, and wound dressing.

Our Baby Ministry focuses on feeding and supporting babies who are struggling with malnutrition; some because their mothers have died during childbirth, some because their mothers are unable to breastfeed due to poor health, diet, or HIV. Babies typically start the program at birth and finish at 10 months old. We aim to educate mothers-to-be on safe pregnancy and teach mothers or guardians on child care best practices.

Organic Farming

Our farm is an enterprise of its own, serving many purposes to aid the community. Over the years our team has been practicing methods to gain the best results from growing crops, rearing livestock, and farming fish. We currently sell produce and provide training on how to care for animals. One of our goals is to establish community gardens within local villages to reach more farmers and families.

Village Outreach & Family Support

Village Outreach is a way to stay connected with the community and is at the heart of what we do. We work with local chiefs and pastors to identify vulnerable families, carry out assessments, and implement appropriate intervention.