Just Projects International


Just Projects International seeks to rescue children from human trafficking, and beyond that, stop them from being abused in the first place. We know that for real change to occur, cultural ecosystems need the opportunity to reach their potential. So, our work approaches these problems differently. We go beyond extracting children from trafficking situations to also building relationships with military and cartel leaders in some of the most dangerous and remote areas of the world. Leading with kindness, we work to convince these abusers the value of a child is actually greater when they receive an education and contribute to the community rather than becoming a slave or soldier. These children instead become agents of community transformation. By cultivating leaders and working with partners who identify and develop sustainable solutions to regional problems, we are planting seeds of generational change in some of the darkest corners of the world.

In the Upper Mekong Region (Myanmar and Thailand), many non-state armed groups actively recruit and use child soldiers. War has become a normal part of culture and children often begin army training as early as three years old. We rescue and protect at-risk children with the permission of the local government. Our facilities provide care and basic education for over 400 children.

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Hope Children's Home

Children come into our home who either have no parents, or who are vulnerable to conscription. Our home operates as a family structure, providing nurture, guidance, and education for these young lives.

Hope Children’s Village

Hope Children’s Village consists of a series of cottages that is staffed by local leaders. The 8½ acre plot of land is located on a rising plateau that connects to magnificent mountains along the Myanmar/Thailand border. Our property is a place of peace and refuge for children at risk. In this community live children from various villages in Thailand who have been orphaned, or who could be in danger of trafficking and soldiering if they remain where they are. Our village offers shelter, food, clothing, education, spiritual care, and love, with the aim of raising children up to be leaders in their own communities.

Kengtung Valley Children’s Home

Our home is being completed in this region to house up to 20 children who would be at risk for conscription.