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Nepalgunj is a city in the southwest part of Nepal, lying next to the Indian border. With a population base of approximately 75,000 inhabitants, Nepalgunj has fully operational bus services that reach all the major hubs in the country. The country's longest highway,­ Mahendra, runs through the town of Kohalpur located 10 kilometers from the city center. It is this highway that allows traffickers to transport young girls from Nepal into India with little or no resistance from the Nepali government or police. In other words, Nepalgunj is a natural hub for human trafficking.

Since 2010 there have been several hundred girls who have been intercepted through our transit and border monitoring efforts in Nepalgunj. Our work has also been active in bringing justice to those who are trafficking these young girls.

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Nepalgunj Station

We provide protection through monitoring, interception, and follow-up. Station staff are trained to identify potential trafficking victims in a variety of different ways. If their efforts convince the police that a girl is being trafficked, the trafficker will be arrested and the girl will be kept at our safe house until she is able to return to her family. In addition to having physical needs met at the safe house, girls are educated on the issue of trafficking and how to prevent it from happening again.