Mercy Pattaya


Mercy Pattaya provides educational, social, and spiritual training for the vulnerable population in Pattaya, Thailand. We assist women and children who come to the city to find work and who find themselves exploited and at risk. Networking with other local groups, we are able to offer recovery care, long term care, training, and equipping for new career possibilities.

Mercy Pattaya is a member of Pattaya Plan, a group of government departments and NGOs that work together to meet the needs of children and youth in the city.

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Community Transformation Program

Each week our Mercy Team goes into Pattaya’s most destitute areas to bring basic food items and clothing. Medical care, education and micro-finance are also made accessible. Our focus is on building relationships to better understand the specific needs of each family and seek to provide immediate and long term solutions.

Scholarship Program

We provide scholarships for Thai students who are recommended by local school authorities. Our Mercy Team visits student homes to provide family support and help with practical needs and resources.

Leadership Capacity Development

Leadership Capacity Development provides administration and operational support to run our programs in Thailand.