Mount Olive Outreach

South Africa

Mount Olive Outreach exists to benefit vulnerable children and youth. Seeing to the needs of people affected by HIV/AIDS and other terminal illnesses, our primary focus is on the children who become orphaned and vulnerable as a result of these diseases. We seek to reduce high-risk behavior in the general population of our targeted communities and to serve with excellence.

Destitute to Destiny is a Kelowna based organization working with Hope for the Nations to raise awareness and funds for the vulnerable in South Africa.

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Khaya Le Themba Center

Khaya Le Themba (Home of Hope) offers early childhood programs, providing foundational building blocks to equip children for further education in life.

We provide free education and uniforms, and three meals a day to ensure their nutritional needs are being met and to support their growth and development.

Each month food parcels are distributed to program beneficiaries.