Move for Hope 2021 Virtual Fundraiser

Love in Motion

Hope for the Nations is pleased to be introducing you to our first annual Move for Hope virtual fundraiser! The Move for Hope fundraiser is all about moving your body, exercising, and raising funds for a fantastic cause. We are a local, Kelowna-based boutique Non-Profit Organization dedicated to helping marginalized children become empowered.

On September 25th, 2021, our community will be coming together to help support children at risk locally and internationally. You can participate as an individual or gather an enthusiastic team that’s ready to move! Choose any activity or sport that you love and work together to set a fundraising goal. Whether you’re passionate about biking, hiking, running, dancing, or yoga, there is a place for you in the Move for Hope fundraiser. With your help, we can raise money for children around the world and right here in our very own community.

We want to thank everyone participating in this exciting virtual fundraising event. We can’t wait to see you put YOUR love in motion and Move for Hope on September 25th! If you are unable to participate on this exact date, don’t worry. You can still engage by doing your activity or donating in the following weeks. The fundraiser will close October 25th. We truly couldn’t do this without you and sincerely appreciate your love and support in the upcoming month!

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Move for Hope - Local

A healthy start to the day for every child, every day! Hope for the Nations – Food for Thought aims for nutrition, health, and education for every child.

With back to school this September, without a doubt, healthy meals are the most important school supply a child can have. Our world and community are still recovering from Covid-19 and continuing to pivot our meal programs is an urgent priority. Our team of 53 dedicated volunteers are transforming children’s lives. The volunteers serve as a platform for improving health, education and help to build sustainable food systems.

Did you know that there are over 5900 children in the Central Okanagan that live in a food insecure home and are at risk of going to school hungry? A hungry child can have a poor attention span, issues with memory retention, an inability to focus, and frequent bursts of anger. This makes it extremely difficult to learn and can cause long-term physical and emotional harm.

Hope for the Nations has been working towards ending hunger since 2009 with our Food for Thought program. Food for thought seeks to eliminate hunger in the Central Okanagan by providing children at school with backpacks filled with fresh food and easy-to-follow recipes.

Each of these backpacks contains fruit, vegetables, snacks, and enough nutritious foods to last a whole weekend. Many students are already facing numerous obstacles and challenges due to the pandemic and should never have to worry about being hungry. Supporting the Food for Thought program not only means that one less child will face hunger this year, but also means that children in the Central Okanagan know that they are deeply valued and supported by their community. Sometimes it really does take a village.

This year we are also thrilled to announce that Impact Tomorrow BC has stepped up to match dollar for dollar that we raise up to 60K for the backpack program.

Move for Hope - International

Involved in 20+ countries around the world, our international efforts are focused on projects including housing, scholarships, medical care, sustainability, education, community development, emergency response, micro-enterprise, and agriculture. By building children’s homes, community-based houses, schools, farms, and drop-in centers, we’ve been privileged to help many children find a safe place they can call home. Places where they can be educated, feel loved, and be seen as important members of society.

These projects emulate Hope for the Nation’s primary objective to help children become leaders and positive changemakers in their communities. As a boutique NGO, we are able to customize each and every project to the specific communities in which we operate. This allows us to meet the needs of the diverse cultural, political, and economic environments children face in their own countries. Ensuring the safety and well-being of children, no matter where they live, will always be our main goal.

We have been extremely fortunate to watch our projects transform entire communities towards safety, sustainability, and opportunity. By participating in Move for Hope 2021, you will play a crucial role in making sure we can continue to expand and grow our projects abroad!

Move for Hope - Program Delivery

Lastly, a portion of donations will help cover the operating expenses of HOPE. Program Delivery helps us do what we do best and most effectively! With the support of donors, we can reach more communities and open our doors to even more life-changing special projects.

Expenses of HOPE include marketing campaigns, events, staffing for administration, staffing for special projects, financial reporting, and compliance. Because of our amazing supporters, we are able to continue growing and building the capacity of HOPE’s entire operation. By supporting Program Delivery, you are helping us maximize our effectiveness as a Non Profit Organization. Your help greatly increases our ability to engage in projects around the world in meaningful, intentional ways. This will have an unbelievably positive impact on future generations!