Out of the Ashes


Out of the Ashes works in Kitale, Kenya, providing free medical care, training, and counseling services to those in need.
Our work began in 2009 by treating minor cuts, abrasions, and burns for those living on the streets. The demand for medical care continued to increase and in 2011 a small shack was rented to offer additional services. Over the years, the clinic has evolved into a modern setting with three Kenyans on staff and diverse volunteers. The clinic treats approximately 800 patients each month. The staff also provide regular medical outreach into remote areas where there are no doctors or clinics available. By bringing people to full health, they become enabled to contribute to the welfare of their own families and communities.

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Elimlim Community Health Clinic

The clinic is currently operating out of a rented space. With limited room, no running water, and frequent power outs, our goal is to purchase land and build a new space that will be more accessible to community members.