Provision of Hope Liberia


Our vision and purpose in Liberia is to reach out to the many war afflicted orphans, widows and refugees, bringing hope to those in despair. We are raising up a new generation of young people who will stand for justice and will lead Liberia into the freedom that God has always intended. Provision of Hope is an advocate of God’s heart for the poor and the needy - to love as He loves and be a voice for the most vulnerable.

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Since 2014 Provision of Hope has been training farmers in “Growing Health” throughout various areas of Liberia. Often the farmers lack seeds and tools, which we provide for those who qualify. Our trainers completed the Organic Agriculture Training Program through Thrive in Kenya. We have our own 2 acres of land where we grow organic vegetables and demonstrate to our local farmers how to efficiently grow organic food and natural medicine. This program benefits so many people, including the children in our homes. With adequate nutrition we find that we are spending much less on medical treatment.


Education opens the door to a promising future and we believe it is essential in order to end poverty. Every child should have the privilege of being educated: the ability to read and write. For so many impoverished children in Liberia this is only a dream. We go beyond high school and provide scholarships for university, college and trade schools for students who qualify.

Hope Homes

Hope Homes are healthy, stable homes that provide care for orphaned children through physical, spiritual and emotional development. Children come in very traumatized and fearful, but with proper nurture and care, we see a huge change in their lives after arriving in our homes. We see smiles on their faces and watch as they begin to sing and dance again, because they know they are valued for who they are.

Refugee Aid

The Buduburam Refugee Camp is located 44 kilometers west of Accra, in Ghana. It was opened by the UNHCR in 1990. This camp has been home to thousands of refugees who sought asylum during the Liberian Civil Wars. Since the UNHCR ended their services in the camp in 2007, Buduburam is mostly served by NGO and volunteer organizations. We assist by providing food, medical treatment and education. We also help fund transportation back to Liberia. Many are stranded here who long to go back home but lack the resources.


Our work with widows is one of the most rewarding programs in Liberia. Here, there is no government assistance for the elderly. These women have weathered many brutal and agonizing situations. They have watched as many died all around them. Most have lost their husbands in the war or to some fatal disease. They have been left with babies to raise and often those of young single girls who cannot raise their own children because they are very young themselves.

Provision of Hope has two rice distribution centers. We give out bags of rice to over 230 widows registered with our program. Recently we have been adding oil, salt and soap. We help with medical needs and provide bed frames and mattresses to those who sleep on the floor.

Mercy Ministry

Mercy Ministry is an outreach to the poor and the destitute. We respond to the cries of the needy by doing a variety of good deeds. We may be found taking the sick to hospitals, providing glasses, crutches, mattresses, beds for the elderly, or simply a bag of rice to a hungry family. We train our students to reach out and help someone, just as they have received help.

Micro Loans

Micro loans are small business loans that are given to individuals to assist them in getting established with a viable means to support themselves. We encourage them to start small, with loans ranging from $200 to $500 depending on the business type. We want to ensure they can prove they have adequate business skills. These are interest-free loans given to individuals who first go through a screening process with our financial board in Liberia.

Discipleship Training Center

Our Youth Development Program helps transition youth to become independent and sustainable. When youth move from our homes they need help to make it on their own. Our college and university students need housing and often a small allowance for food. We have others in trade schools and those who run small businesses. We walk alongside them to offer guidance and coaching in their steps towards successfully living on their own. We train our young leaders to become nation builders who will give back to society.