Provision of Hope Mexico


Our vision and purpose in Mexico is to develop an organic agricultural training center just outside of Ciudad Valles, in the state of San Luis Potosi. We are also working to establish a sewing industry where professional training is offered to the local women in the surrounding villages of this indigenous region.

Our goal for the farm-based training center is to increase its ability to be self-supporting and to fund the on site feeding programs.

Our focus is always children at risk and how we can provide the tools to empower mothers and whole families to sustain themselves.

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Agricultural Training

Training focuses on organic and alternative farming methods, specifically in the areas of bio-intensive vegetable production, nutritional and medicinal plants, and animal husbandry. Developing the farm as a learning center equips and empowers villagers to return home and implement these practices on their own land.

Family Housing

Dormitory accommodation is available for abandoned women and children to live, be educated, and cared for in a safe community.

Hidden Manna Feeding Center

The Feeding Center serves a nutritious breakfast every Saturday morning, which is followed by Bible teaching and activities. At the end of each month, birthdays are celebrated. Each week, youth meetings take place for those who have come up through the program.

Sewing School

The Sewing School is open Mondays through Fridays with women attending for either morning or afternoon sessions. Some of the main projects the women work on are school uniforms and cloth bags, as the supermarkets no longer provide plastic ones. The bags are a great simple project for new students.