Rancho el Refugio


Rancho el Refugio (The Refuge) is located on 17 acres in the beautiful rolling hills near Ensenada. Today Rancho El Refugio has lived up to its name, each year providing a place of fellowship through camps, conferences, retreats, and many other activities.

The ranch houses Puente de Vida, a school founded in 2011 for Oaxacan Indians and extremely vulnerable children. Here at the school, students have dreams of becoming doctors, teachers and engineers. International volunteers and supporters from around the globe are the backbone of the ministry, encouraging our staff and teachers as they work passionately among the disadvantaged of the Ensenada area. Together we are opening doors to a bright future for the students of Puente de Vida.

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Escuela Puenta de Vida

Escuela Puenta de Vida (Life Bridge School) provides a full grade school program, from preschool to grade 9. The program includes breakfast and lunch; core educational courses in math, language arts, science and social studies; personal and skill development in art, music, physical activity, gardening, food preparation, and anything else that volunteers and staff can add to the student’s experience.

Puente de Vida partners with the Mexican Ministry of Education. Our teachers come to us with preparation, training and a full Mexican certified curriculum. Students are recruited through national partners. A local pastor and his church leaders are the direct links to the community. These community servants are engaged in the lives of the families and children and understand their needs. All of us seek to pour into the lives of our students and create hope and vision for their future.