The Small World


The Small World supports locally driven community development projects. These projects provide education for children, women’s empowerment, and opportunities to break the cycle of poverty.

Our strategy involves listening to locals, identifying real community needs, sharing resources, and working with community members and volunteers.

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Himalayan Hope Home

The Himalayan Hope Home was founded as a child protection center, serving as a preventative strategy for at risk girls. Those who are vulnerable to trafficking are provided safe shelter, parental care, love, and opportunity for holistic development.

Solukhumbu Hostel

In the remote Everest region of Nepal, seven out of ten girls drop out of school after grade 10. A prevailing cultural view favours sending boys to school and keeping girls at home to take care of household chores. As a result, the literacy rate of women is 23%.

Believing that every child should have equal opportunity and access to education, we support higher education for girls who live in the remote villages of Solukhumbu. Our dorm is a safe place for girls from various villages to come and live while they attend school. They develop a tight knit community, who support each other through their studies. Girls are also taught about the realities of trafficking and strategies for prevention. When they return to their villages, they are equipped with information to educate others. At the dorm, girls are empowered to move forward in life as leaders.

Seeds of Hope

The Seeds of Hope program helps communities grow their own food by providing seeds, orientation, and basic training by agricultural experts for seasonal farming, cash crops, kitchen gardens, organic compost, and organic pest control.