Ukrainian Refugee Relief

HOPE has worked in the Ukraine with children and families at risk for 15 years and our hearts are aching for them.

We are devastated by the tragic events currently taking place. As we write, hundreds of thousands of women and children have fled the country by car, train and even foot to the Ukraine border to seek refuge in neighboring countries to escape the invasion from Russia.

HOPE has boots on the ground and is ready to meet basic needs.

We are thankful that, as a boutique NGO, we have the unique ability to move quickly and engage with our trusted agent, HOPE Romania. Our Romanian team will work together with our International Medical Workshop teams in The Republic of Moldova and Romania to provide Ukrainian refugees basic needs such as food, water, blankets, emergency medical assistance, placement, and clothing.

In times like this, we may feel helpless and overwhelmed. Yet, we want to respond to President Zelenskyy’s challenge to the EU to “DO SOMETHING”!

You can help, you can make a difference. We invite you to donate to this cause of providing urgent aid and hope to a traumatized nation.