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  • Leah is having a fabulous time in Kenya!

    Hope & Bright Future School is a vibrant community within Soweto. It is a humble space full of heart with their dedicated teachers and staff serving 180 young children. Music could be heard beyond the classrooms, filling the surrounding roads and buildings with joyful sounds. A song and dance performance (by their award-winning band and choir!) were waiting for me when I arrived. It has been an encouraging two days hearing from the staff and teachers. Thank you for the warm welcome to Kenya Hope & Bright Future!

    Learn more here about the center.

  • The Washington Post recently sat down with Cassandra Lee, Founder of HOPE agent ‘Justice Rising’ to speak about the organization’s work overseas, how its grown, and some of the challenges it faces. You can find an excerpt below along with a link to the full article:

    Cassandra Lee started Justice Rising, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building schools and providing quality education in areas affected by war, with her husband Edison Lee in 2015. The couple started with one school in the the Democratic Republic of Congo, but the organization has grown in size and scope since then: Today, Justice Rising works with communities to run seven schools in the country, employing more than 60 teachers and administrators. They’ve also expanded to Iraq and Syria, countries that have been affected by the battle against the Islamic State.


    I saw you recently took a trip to Syria and met with students and educators. How would you describe the state of education in the places you visited?

    We mainly visited schools in Aleppo and outside of Damascus. We met many incredible teachers, faculty and parents working hard to see that children receive an education. Many young people are still getting the opportunity to study, but not without risk and overwhelming difficulties. Post-conflict, even basic things like paying for school, school books [and] supplies can be challenging for many families who have lost everything. We saw schools that were devastated by bombs and canvassed by bullet holes. The students have either fled their homes or have crowded into remaining schools. It was validating to hear a headmaster in Aleppo tell us, “To end terrorism, we must educate our children.” Our response to the crisis in Syria is to support existing schools and to partner with local educators to see that all students have access to a quality education and that teachers feel supported in their work.


    Justice Rising has achieved complete gender parity in the classrooms you work in. What are some overlapping challenges you had to overcome to make . . .Click HERE


    Click HERE to learn more about Justice Rising and how you can support their work.


  • Hope for the Nations Romania (also known as New Horizon Romania) was established in 2003 to work with families and children in the Brasov community. Originally formed to provide food, shelter, education, and healthcare, the organization has branched out to include specific projects centered around literacy and surgical procedures for those in need. Here are a few recent highlights from their spring newsletter:


    International Medical Workshop Sf. Gheorghe Romania

    With Prof. Dr. Reza Vahdad of Marburg, Germany. Hosted by Dr. Suzana Lorincz of Romania the team studied Paediatric Laparoscopic Surgery! Seven children received this minimally invasive surgery during the workshop.


    Our 2nd International Medical Workshop this year focused on malformations in children. Dr. Mircia Ardelean of Salzburg, Austria led the team along with Dr. Szuszanna Lorincz of Sf. Gheorghe, Romania. 14 Children were operated on in total and given their normal physiology. A huge thank you to the team and those who participated in the workshop, in the O.R., and in the training room.


    Free Pulmonary Capacity Analysis Sinaia, Romania

    With the National Medical Insurance in Romania "quintupling" this year, the majority of the population is not able to pay and are not insured. To help out in a small way, we accepted an offer to partner with the Pulmonary and Infectious Diseases Hospital of Brasov to offer free pulmonary function tests on Friday. We no longer have our Mobile Medical Unit, but we were able to transform the Mobile Classroom into a Medical Unit for the day. We were happy to be able to provide this much-needed public service!


    Mobile Classroom Easter 2018

    The classroom continues four days per week at two locations near Brasov, Romania. These photos show the Easter fun while helping to keep everyone at grade level and enjoying school!


  • An update from HOPE Agent, Firm Foundations in Romania . . .


    2017 was a successful year for Firm Foundations Romania. Our hospital project continued running smoothly with 50 short term volunteers, representing ten countries, who came to hold and take care of the abandoned and semi-abandoned babies in the hospital. We had ten supervisors, long term volunteers who come for longer than three months, serving in the hospital as well. FFR provided these children with 38,500 diapers in 2017.


    The After School Program has around 130 students from kindergarten through eighth grade. Our goal is to assist these students with their education, teach hygiene and life lessons, and most importantly, introduce the hope and love of Jesus Christ. This past year we hired two new teachers, including a former student who was in our After School Program. After receiving assistance from FFR in the After School Program and while attending high school, Petrisor graduated and was looking for a job. We hired him as an educator and he is doing a wonderful job in this role. For the children in the program, this is an opportunity for them to see what they can become if they continue with their schooling and education.


    Andreea Mondoc, who was one of the first students we worked with, graduated from university this past year with a degree in Social Work! Andreea always said she wanted to be a social worker so she can help her own people. After years of hard work, Andreea succeeded in this goal and received a job working with orphans in Romania. We are so proud of her accomplishments.


    FFR started a program working with Teen Moms in the Roma village. Many teens get pregnant between the ages of 15-19, and therefore end up dropping out of school, if they have not done so already. We are currently working with six teen moms and hoping to increase this program in 2018. Our goal is to help these young mothers learn how to connect with their babies, which will also help prevent abandonment, and how to be responsible in this new role. We provide a safe place for the girls to meet and ask questions.


    We look forward to 2018 and seeing what God will do next.


  • HOPE agent, Divine Inheritance, operating in South East Asia has a new education project in the works and we’re excited to share it with you. The HOPE Floats project will benefit children and families living in the Mindanao community in the Philippines. When a team from Divine Inheritance visited the area, they learned that many of the children have to navigate marshlands by boat in order to get to school each day. The school was also looking to start a mobile library that would help educate preschool children, those attending school, and their parents.


    Divine Inheritance was able to provide boats to help the children commute to school, but the mobile library project has yet to be fully realized.


    HOPE’s goal is to raise funding for the HOPE Floats project.


    ABOUT THE PROJECT - The mobile library will serve 4 marshland communities comprised of approximately 400 families and 250-300 children. It will primarily provide a robust variety of learning resources for younger children, children attending school, and their parents who typically did not have access to education. It would also be stocked with basic medical supplies that help to treat common ailments, along with promoting healing and preventing infection. Additionally, it would serve as one of the few options to respond to medical emergencies; optimizing its already high utility.

    The boat drivers will be made up of volunteers from the local government and will consist of both counselors and educators who are able to provide support and additional learning skills. The boat will be able to make two complete rounds every week.


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