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We work through partnerships with local communities and organizations. We provide at-risk children with caring homes, health care and education.

  • Thank you to all the donors who sent along extra Christmas money for the kids at Hogar de Amor y Protecciòn al Niño. It was such a treat for them to enjoy an outing to the local zoo!


    What a gift it is when we can not only meet the children’s physical needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter, but also have the opportunity to nourish their sense of wonder, imagination, and adventure through experiences such as a visit to the zoo.


    Our work with Hogar de Amor y Protecciòn al Niño runs long and deep. We have been working together with the team and children of Hogar since 1996. The staff and house parents continue to make such an impact on the lives and hearts of so many orphaned children in Mexico. Did you know Hogar operates 11 homes that currently care for 144 children?


    If you would like to get involved, either by volunteering or becoming a sponsor, we would love to speak with you.


    Learn more about sponsorship opportunities here


  • Lack of transportation, limited access to basic educational tools, basic and emergency medical care, and additional geographical challenges are all significant obstacles for children looking to attend school.


    Located deep in the marshlands of the Philippines you’ll find four “floating” communities comprised of approximately 400 families and 250-300 children who deal with these challenges each and every day. In order for the children to attend school they are required to navigate through the swampy marshland by motorboat.


    After significant discussions with school and community leaders in the area, they identified the need for a motor boat library as part of their outreach plan - to help educate preschool children, children attending school, and their parents. The mobile library boat is fully equipped with a robust variety of learning resources, and basic medical supplies to treat common ailments and to help prevent infection. Additionally, this boat will serve as one of the few options to respond to medical emergencies.


    The boat drivers are volunteers from the local government unit and will be comprised of educators and counsellors adding to the tremendous value of this project. Thanks to their training they are able to provide additional learning skills and psycho - social support. It is expected they can make two full rounds across the four communities each week.


    We are thankful for the generous support of our HOPE family who turned this community’s dream into a reality!


  • New Horizon Romania has had a very busy winter season with a number of projects on the go serving the local communities and helping children in need. This month we wanted to share a few updates from Romania and the results of your support for these ongoing programs and projects . . .



    6 children will now have normal lives as a result of the surgeries performed at the medical workshop in Galati, Romania. Thank you very much to Dr. Mircea Ardelean from Salzburg, Austria for leading this team and to Dr. Anca Stefanopol, head of Paediatric Surgery at the St. John hospital in Galati, Romania, for heading up the event along with her team. This is a new partnership for us and we were very pleased with the great results! It was wonderful to hear the heartfelt gratitude of the families whose children were able to benefit as a result of this workshop.



    The winter shoes project started a couple of weeks early this year at one of the farms. We had our friends Wrenetta and Lia from Canada helping this year and the kids were very excited to receive shoes and boots for the coming season!



    Distributed part 2 of our Winter Shoes Project with the help of Ron Kubek from Canada. Izabella, our Mobile Classroom teacher, did another great job of getting shoes and socks for 78 children this year. It was a windy brisk -11 degrees, but once we turned the van around to help block the wind, the sunshine felt good!



    This year’s Christmas Hamper project was the most organized yet, distributing food, necessities, and gifts to over 300 people this year! Thanks to the organizational skills of our team member, Cornelia Iacob, things ran smoothly and efficiently! Our volunteers this year were Ron Kubek and a small team of youth from our farm project, who were only toddlers when this project began some 11 years ago!


    If you’d like to lend your support to HOPE projects and agents in Romania, you can learn more here


  • Our BRIGHT Christmas campaign is raising awareness and support for educational initiatives for children at risk around the world. Education can be such a powerful tool, and this story from HOPE Director, Patti Hoy proves it . . .


    “Pema is from a remote village in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal. I first met Pema in 2011.  She was in the first group of 40 girls selected to live at our girls' hostel, where she was able to attend and complete her high school education. She presented herself as a natural leader - outgoing, friendly, and caring. After graduation in 2013, Pema moved to Kathmandu where she worked at our children’s home as a mentor to 30 orphaned girls while she pursued her studies in sociology. She later obtained her bachelor's degree and has continued to manage the Hope Home.


    In 2015 a terrible earthquake rocked Nepal. Over 9,000 people lost their lives. Thankfully none of the girls at the Hope Home were injured and the building was not damaged. Pema once again showed her leadership and compassion, helping the girls through a very traumatic, emotional time. She also volunteered as a 'first responder' bringing essential supplies to those in the hardest hit areas.


    Over the past few years I've seen more and more evidence of Pema's desire to help others.  She told me about the Crisis Management program offered at the Samarpan Academy. This would be the next step in Pema's dream to help those in need and positively impact people's lives. I was thrilled when she was accepted into the program!


    Hope for the Nations has a scholarship program designed to help with tuition costs. Pema's application was approved and she is now enrolled in the program. I look forward to hearing about her experiences that this opportunity brings and seeing her achieve her dream!


    All the best Pema! We are so proud of you!”

    If you’d like to get involved and lend your support to BRIGHT, you can learn more here...

  • Food for Thought has made some great strides over the past year, increasing the number of schools in which we operate, and developing new and innovative programs to help combat hunger for children in need.


    There are over 4,500 children in the Central Okanagan that live in a food insecure home and are at risk of going to school hungry. We know that a hungry child is more likely to act out and less likely to achieve their personal potential. We have seen happy productive classrooms with reduced behavioral problems, increased academic performance, and a stronger sense of community.


    Here are the programs we’ll be taking into 2019:


    The Breakfast Program provides free breakfast for up to 1600 school-aged children a day in 29 schools. This consists of bagels, bread, fresh fruit, muffins, oatmeal, cream cheese, cheese strings, yogurt, fresh jam, and more!


    The Backpack Program ensures hungry tummies are filled when children are not in school. Our pilot project was launched this past April and has proven to be a great success. We developed a choice based model by which children and their families can access the community pantry and fill their backpack before going home each weekend. This year our pilot program served 23 students in one school with 11,120 pounds of food. It is our goal to expand this program to include an additional eight schools in our community.


    Living Salads, in partnership with Hands in Service, provides planters to families filled with tomatoes, parsley, chives, leaf lettuce, and swiss chard that will replenish throughout the season. This year 181 planters were distributed in 16 schools.


    Fruit Preservation, in partnership with the Okanagan Tree Fruit Project, received fresh Okanagan fruit that was donated throughout the summer months. Our volunteer teams then pitted, chopped, sliced, diced, and preserved hundreds of pounds of fruit. We now have over 500 jars of jam and fresh frozen fruit ready to be blended into a delicious and healthy smoothie.


    If you’d like to learn more about Food for Thought, become a volunteer, or find out how else you can get involved, take a look at the Food for Thought project page:


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