Empowering Children Today

We work through partnerships with local communities and organizations. We provide at-risk children with caring homes, health care and education.

  • We’d like to introduce you to one of our new HOPE agents operating in Kitale, Kenya. ‘Out of the Ashes’ provides free medical care, training, and counseling services to those in need.


    Kitale, Kenya has a poverty rate of 60%; in some areas it can climb as high as 90%. While many people try to create a sustainable income through farming, the land has been subdivided to the point where it’s next to impossible for many residents who now find themselves with so little land that they’re not able to escape the cycle of poverty.


    Launching in 2009, Out of the Ashes started out by treating minor cuts, abrasions, and burns for those living on the streets of Kitale. With the continuing demand for medical care, the organization expanded in 2011, renting a small shack in order to offer additional services.


    Since that time, the clinic has continued to evolved, taking on a more modern setting and now has three Kenyans on staff along with a group of diverse volunteers. The clinic now treats approximately 800 patients per month, and has created a positive impact on the health and wellness of the community.


    The staff are also able to provide regularly scheduled medical outreaches to remote areas to care for people who don’t have access to doctors or local clinics.


    We are currently raising funds for Out of the Ashes to support:


    - the construction of a new clinic that will meet the medical needs of the community better than the existing rented space

    - the purchase of a mobile clinic vehicle to service those living in remote areas


    Lend your support and learn more about Out of the Ashes and the work they do by checking out their project page:


  • Every year, HOPE evaluates a number of new project applications that require support. This month we’d like to introduce you to a new project taking place in Tanzania, East Africa.


    The Tanzania Girls Home is a joint venture of HOPE Agents ‘Living Waters Ministries’ and King of Glory Ministries’. Between the two organizations they run a number of children’s homes throughout South Africa, Uganda, and Tanzania. HOPE is proud to have been working with these organization for the past decade and we are excited to be a part of supporting this new project.


    At present, we support four homes and have plans to build an additional fifth home, breaking ground July 2018. Kairos Girls Home of Hope will become home to ten of the most at-risk girls aged 2-5. We have already raised 60% of funding to construct the home, but still need funds for furniture, bedding, mosquito nets, kitchen supplies, and a water filter to clean the water supply. We are also looking for monthly sponsors to support each of the girls. The cost to sponsor one of these precious girls will be $80 CAD/month or $960 CAD/year.


    Canadian Donors can Give by clicking Here

    USA Donors can Give by clicking Here and select 'Tanzania: Kairos Girls Home of Hope' from the designation drop down menu


    If you’d like to learn more about the project, you can do so by visiting:


  • Over the last 20 years, HOPE has continued to build partnerships with organizations and agents all over the world to fulfil our mission of helping children at risk become children of change. Today, we are involved with over 45 Agents across 25 countries, who work tirelessly on the front lines to bring about positive change in the lives of children and families within the communities in which we operate.


    None of this work would be possible without the support of our volunteers all over the world. Many volunteers are local to the projects that are underway, others are dispatched in teams to work on specific projects for a set period of time. This could include building a home in Mexico, helping at a hospital in Romania, or providing educational support in Africa. There are literally opportunities across the globe; communities and HOPE agents who need your help.


    If you’ve ever thought about volunteering, either locally or abroad; whether you’re a skilled tradesman, educator, or musician, or if you just have a heart to lend your support in a more tangible, hands-on way, then consider volunteering with HOPE.


    There are always opportunities available for people looking to volunteer, either as an individual, or to join a travel team.


    Sign up and learn more about how you can become a volunteer with Hope for the Nations.


  • A former resident of the Hope Children’s Home in Nepal, Binita Karki is hoping to bring about change in her community by opening her own garment company. Utilizing a micro-loan, Binita aims to open her own garment factory to employ women from marginalized societies so they can earn a proper wage, while providing high quality affordable clothing. This is her story . . .


    “I am Binita Karki from Hetauda, Makwanpur. I am a single mother living with my 6 years old son. I was born in the small village of Bhaise, Hetauda which is about 90 km away from Kathmandu Valley. My father died when I was 5 years old and thereafter I was brought to my aunt’s house in Kathmandu. In 1994, my aunt brought me to Hope Children’s Home (HCH) when I was 9 years old and I grew up there with other children and started attending school. I completed my 10th standard in 2003 from Campion Academy. I stayed at HCH for 9 years before heading back to my aunt’s house. Currently, I am continuing my educational career at Patan Multiple Campus.


    While I was working as Office Manager for a Jewelry Company, I became close with the workers who were from very poor families and some were rescued from brothels and cabin restaurants. I felt very sad about the situation they had to face due to their poverty. Nepal being a developing country, many people belong to low income groups who can’t afford basic needs to sustain their living. As I have seen the problems face to face in my daily life, that their earnings can hardly afford their basic needs such as fooding, clothing, and proper shelter, I dreamt of establishing a garment factory. Somewhere I can employ these people from marginalized societies and provide quality clothing at a reasonable price so that poor families can also afford clothing.


    I have also observed during my visit to different places out of the Kathmandu Valley that many people come to the market from great distances, from surrounding village areas. I am planning to take the market to their doorstep so they don’t have to go to the distant markets for shopping. This will help give the people a better and convenient way of shopping as well as saving time and money.”


    We look forward to supporting Binita throughout her new venture and watching the change she creates in her community!


  • In this week’s blog article, we want to share a story account from HOPE Founder, Ralph Bromley, about an inspiring young gentleman who’s beating the odds and cooking up a bright future in Nairobi, Kenya:


    “I would love to introduce you to George Chege, a 23 year old student attending Amboseli Institute in Nairobi, Kenya with the goal of becoming a chef.

    George’s life as a child was not an easy one. He grew up without a father and his mother had a very difficult time making a living for her four children.

    I first met George at the age of 16 when he was living in a one-room home in a slum region of Mtwapa, a city along the Eastern coastline of Kenya. He enjoyed his school and was a good student. Along with his studies, he was accomplished at field hockey where he was able to travel to different parts of Kenya playing in tournaments. Along with field hockey, he is a die-hard Chelsea football (soccer) fan.

    His interest in cooking came early. I remember watching him in his home chopping vegetables for the evening meal. Next came the cooking of family meals. His goal is to someday run his own restaurant.

    His mother wrote the following: “George is an amazing son. He is very humble, highly disciplined, hardworking, and a man of high principles”.

    George wrote the following:

    “The reason as to why I chose Chef Training goes way back to 2013 when I first joined High School.


    I met with a teacher, Mrs. Kaviha, who by then taught Home Science and explained to me the essence of having a well cooked and balanced diet in today's world.

    From there I grew an interest in food and became more passionate and wanted to know more about food products and services. I ended up joining her class and never missed her lessons. She was an inspiration to all the students she ever taught. The boldness and courage to proceed to college was all thanks to her efforts and she deserves the best from the world.

    The second reason as to why I chose Chef Training is due to my family. Being the first born, I took it as my responsibility to get educated so that I can give back to them in the near future and be a role model to my younger sister and two brothers.

    The AMBOSELI INSTITUTE is a well-known and established school of HOSPITALITY. I chose to undertake the Food Production Course. Under this course, we are taught how to prepare, serve, and present different types of meals. We are taught how to communicate with both the customers and other prospects of higher ranks at the organization. We also learn how to do food costing and communicate in foreign languages. Computer studies are also available in every course to avoid illiteracy of technology in the society.

    I have faced several challenges that occur while in this institution. It is said: "In every opportunity there must be a challenge ",

    The delay of ingredients from the market and stores which makes the students impatient and angry.

    Misunderstanding of feelings between teachers and students during practical sessions.

    Theft of practical tools in cookery department and hostels.

    Yet, I continue to believe that there's a promising future if you only consider the reasons as to why you joined the Institute in the first place. Life is full of challenges, the only thing that we ought to know is HOW TO OVERCOME THEM.”

    George, we all pray that someday you will be a Master Chef!”


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