Empowering Children Today

We work through partnerships with local communities and organizations. We provide at-risk children with caring homes, health care and education.

  • The Wa area of the Upper Mekong Region represents one of the greatest needs for the rescue and reintegration of child soldiers. Currently, Divine Inheritance partners with Hope for the Nations serving 90 children.

    The Childrens Border Home, located along the eastern border of Myanmar and Thailand, provides a protective environment for 30 kids. The extreme poverty and volatile political/military climate in the region places children at high risk for conscription. They also become vulnerable to trafficking and other human rights violations.

    The home’s current facilities are at capacity – Hope for 16 responds to the immediate challenge of accommodating additional rescued children; especially in light of the recent escalation of government army movement and activities. The new building plan calls for 2 bedrooms to house rescued girls and boys, bathroom facilities and a generous open-air common space. 

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  • Joseph, Linet, and family with Bethlehem Children’s Home in Kitale, Kenya have exciting news to share from 2015. Due to their vision and hard work, they have reduced their medical bills by 70% by eating the healthy, fresh organic food they grow themselves!

    This news alone would be worth celebrating, but they were also able to teach food-growing methods to other members of the community and impact their neighbors with the success and wisdom of their organic farm.

    Another exciting victory this past year was the miracle of getting their land back after being forced to go to court to defend it. Thank you to everyone who prayed! They were even able to make some much-needed renovations to their facilities.

    Throughout these trials and tribulations, they were able to continue to provide school fees, uniforms, transport, books, and school supplies for their children and were elated to see some of them able to sit for national exams.

    Wow! What a year!

    Joseph and Linet would like to express their deep gratitude for their Hope Family and all those who have funded and supported them this past year. They are looking forward to all the good things, opportunity, and potential that the future holds.


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  • The 2nd Annual 12 Days of Hope Christmas Campaign launches on November 30th

    On November 27th, 2014, locally-based global NGO, Hope for the Nations, launched their first annual 12 Days of Hope Christmas Campaign. The campaign represented twelve HOPE partners from all over the world.

    Last year, the 12 Days of Hope raised over $45,000 for over 36 projects that went to benefit children at risk on an ongoing basis throughout 2015.

    Now, a year later, the 2nd Annual 12 Days of Hope Campaign will officially be launched on November 30th featuring projects that range in scope from sustainability, agriculture, micro-enterprises, to education, provisions, and construction. The goal is to completely fund all the projects, with fundraising goals ranging from $1,000 - $5,000, throughout the month of December.

    “I am really looking forward to our 2nd annual 12 Days of Hope Christmas Campaign,” said Hope for the Nations Director of Operations, Patricia Phillips. “Last year we had an overwhelming response from our HOPE family, we raised over $45,000 for our partners and projects around the world. Because of ongoing thoughtful support and generosity the lives of so many children have been impacted for the better.”

    This year’s campaign will highlight a different regional HOPE partner each day for 12 days throughout the Christmas season and give people the opportunity to make a contribution to the project of their choice.

    “This year we are inviting everyone to participate and get involved in any way they can,” says Phillips of the scope of this year’s campaign. “We want people to encourage their friends to donate to their favorite project, challenge coworkers to see if an office can come together and purchase sports equipment for a village, purchase a cow, or outfit an entire classroom with desks and chairs, maybe a high school class can provide warm blankets for the students in Nepal. Whatever you can do, big or small it all helps!”

    There are 12 countries involved, one for each of the days: Sierra Leone, Philippines, Swaziland, Thailand, Ghana, Haiti, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Dominican Republic, and Kenya.

    Projects include child sponsorship opportunities that will provide food, education, and care to at-risk children; construction projects for care homes and orphanages; and programs based around sustainability, education, and nutrition.


    You can learn more at www.12daysofhope.com



  • We have some exciting news to share you from the Home of Love in Gulu, Uganda!

    "We are thrilled to announce that we are planning on placing our last 9 children with families. We have identified relatives for each one, completed numerous home visits, meetings with families and officials, and even a trial 2 week home placement during the August school holiday. Every one of our children is going to live with family!”

    The reasons behind this is that the local government has been working hard to shut down certain homes in Uganda due to a country-wide mandate to place children in families not in institutions. The "Home of Love" is in great standing with the government. Now that the 9 children are to be re-united with their families the focus will now be on follow-up with the new families, building long term relationship with each re-united child and family, as well as working with other vulnerable children in the program.

    The Home of Love will not be taking on any new children at this time, however they are welcoming new donors with the funds will going toward the children's education and long term follow-up with the families.

    There is also opportunity to give an additional gift to help the children settle into their new living arrangements with their family. If you would like to contribute to one of the listed items please feel free to contact the HOPE office at operations@hopeforthenations.com or call 250.712.2007


    9 blankets: $10x9 = $ 90

    18 bed sheets: $10x18 = $180

    9 Towels: $5x9 = $ 45  

    9 sandals/slippers: $2x9 = $ 18

    9 pairs of shoes: $10x9 = $ 90

    9kg bean seeds: $2x9 = $ 90

    9kg maize seeds: $2x9 = $ 90

    9 hoes: $3x9= $ 27

    Epilepsy medicines for 2016: $150x2= $300

    Other medicines for 2016: $200


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  • This December we’ll be launching our second annual 12 Days of Hope Campaign! We’re still seeing the results of funds raised during last year’s campaign and wanted to share this update from Hope for the Nations Ukraine!

    We had had the list of children’s needs along with the list of their sizes ready and as soon as we got the money raised through the 12 Days of Hope, we immediately went to the market and bought as much as we could. Your donations allowed us to provide:

    • 80 warm blankets for the children in Bogodukhov orphanage. (Our volunteers spent 3 nights there during winter camp and said it was freezing cold in their dorms at night)
    • 36 pieces of underwear for boys and girls in Zmiev orphanage.
    • 17 pairs of winter boots for the boys in Zmiev orphanage.

    We distributed the gifts among the children and they were so thankful for this blessing! Some kids in Zmiev hadn't been able to go outside because they hadn't had winter boots.

    An exciting story happened to us on our way back from Zmiev orphanage. We had just left the orphanage and pulled up at the local food store to buy something to drink as I'd left the thermos flask with hot tea at home. In the store we bumped into the two boys, graduates from Zmiev orphanage, who we hadn't seen for several months. They were wearing light spring jackets even though it was -5C and quite windy, with running shoes so worn out that they even had holes! One of the boy’s socks were soaking wet. We had two pairs of winter boots left in our van and, believe it or not, they fit the boys perfectly!

    But it took us up to 10 minutes to persuade the boys to make the exchange – their old boots for the new ones -  as they couldn't believe it wasn’t some sort of a trick. We wanted them to leave their old shoes with us so they wouldn't try to sell the new boots. In the end, Sasha and Nikita walked away in the new, dry, warm and good-looking winter boots.


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