Empowering Children Today

We work through partnerships with local communities and organizations. We provide at-risk children with caring homes, health care and education.

  • EDUCATION opens the door to a better future.

    Denis was born into a world full of difficulty and disadvantages. The curse of poverty touched every part of his life.

    His mother was a worker on the streets when I first met Denis. He was one of 4 siblings and providing lodging, putting food on the table and clothing each child was a steep challenge for his mother. Yet, because of his mother’s deep love, Denis somehow remained enrolled in school.

    When Denis reached his teen years, he fell into bad company. Drugs, absenteeism and petty crime changed the trajectory of his life. He dropped out of school, engaged in theft for his habits and got in trouble with the police. I remember the day I saw him off on the bus on his way to a ‘reform’ school near Nairobi. He had a tough exterior, but he carried the fears of a young teenager.

    In boarding school, he was incorrigible. In short time he was badly beaten by school officials and required medical attention. For fear of his life, he was removed from the school and returned home.

    Over time, Denis was able to reflect on his life. Where was he going? What were his abilities? What would he like to do with his life? On his own, he decided that he would like to go to trade school. With the help of a Canadian family who sponsored him, he was provided funds for enrollment at an industrial training school.

    Today, Denis is finishing his two year degree as an electrician. He loves his studies at college and achieves top marks. He will complete an apprenticeship and then start his own business.

    For Denis, EDUCATION has opened a door to a much better future!

  • This is a plea for prayer and support for our agents and friends in Democratic Republic of Congo, East Africa at the Emmanuel Center Children’s Village and other affected areas.

    There have been a number of attacks on villages in the High Plateau of Congo near Marungu. Twenty six villages in the High Plateau area south of Marungu, where Emmanuel Center Children's Village is located, have been burned by various tribal and rebel groups. Many people have been killed and the rest have fled into the forest and to neighboring villages. Our country director has spent time in two of these villages, Rubibi and Masongo, as well as many of the other surrounding villages and knows many of the people there. Emmanuel Center is okay for now but there is, naturally, much fear. We are currently waiting to hear more from one of our associates as soon as he descends to the market, part way down the mountain, where there is cell service.  

    One old Pastor who Ray knows has been carried down the mountain to Uvira with his wife, and is being transferred to Rwanda to be with his son. Nineteen other families have made it down to Uvira where they are currently staying while many thousands more people are camped in the forest or have found shelter in other villages part way down the mountain. Some have made it to our center where we are  helping to care for them. They have little choice but to remain there until there is some stability and they are able to return to begin the daunting task of rebuilding. Most have lost their homes as well as all their possessions.

    Congo is experiencing much unrest and insecurity, yet again, with a political solution not in sight. It seems, in this vacuum, various rebel factions are trying to strengthen their position, hoping to be included in a future government.

    This terrible situation comes on the heels of a successful baptism, and the beginning of our new church at Najenga this past weekend. In the past two weeks we were also able to transport 50 new mattresses to our children's home in Emmanuel Center along with "Christmas Shoeboxes" sent from Team Hope in Ireland. This in itself was a challenge, with us having to transport them half way by truck and then use porters to get them up the mountain, where the vehicles could not travel due to heavy rains, wash outs, and a lot of fear on the part of truck drivers. We give thanks that they were able to be transported prior to this latest outbreak.

    Please pray for peace; for Congo, for the many families affected by these latest attacks, and for protection for our Children's Center and surrounding villages near Marungu.

    If you’d like to lend your support to HOPE’s work in Congo, you can learn more on the project page here

  • HOPE ambassador, Stephanie Hunter visited Asia in the Fall to check in on a number of our agents and the projects they currently have underway. Here are her updates from the road . . .

    Pattaya, Thailand

    HOPE is proud to continue working with agents Dianne & Fred Doell it's been an honor working with them through the ministry at Mercy Pattaya for 15 years. Lots of exciting things are happening and it is always so wonderful to get the opportunity to visit.

    Haven Children’s Home – Pattaya, Thailand

    We spent time with the staff and discussed successes, challenges, and needs for the children’s home. This past February, one of our social workers and the leader of Haven Foundation Children's Home, Sudjai, received the Social Worker of the Year Award from the Thai Government! "It is a privilege and an honor to serve the Thai Government and be a voice for those who have no voice," she stated. We are grateful for the Thai Government for coming alongside us in the fight for freedom!

    Mae Sai, Thailand        

    HOPE has worked with agents Samrang and Jham with Divine Inheritance in the Mae Sai Hope Childrens Village for over 16 years, they are directors of the foundation and house parents. Due to their age they are in the transition to be ‘grandparents’ to the children and have their daughter, Ying, and her husband in place to become the overseers of the home.

    Thai Border Region, Myanmar

    Last year when Rob and I visited this home it was at capacity and in really sad shape. We posted a fundraising campaign on the HOPE website and within a year we had the funds.

    Today, with the addition of two new bedrooms, bathrooms, and an open-air common space, the Children’s Border Home is now impacting 16 more children who are cared for. The children love the coziness of the bunk rooms with comfy beds and cubbies for their belongings, the new dining area for sharing group meals, and the common space for playing games, doing homework, and just being kids.


    Learn more about HOPE projects that need your support by clicking HERE


  • Rampure lower secondary school in Kaku is the only school that teaches from grade 1 to grade 8 for the entire Rampur community of Kaku, Nepal. This community consists of over 200 households. Most of the people who live here are a minority ethnic group like Rai and dalits (a lower caste often referred to as ‘untouchable’). 90% of the population are subsistence farmers whereas few work as seasonal trekking porters. During the earthquake in 2015 the school was badly damaged and part of the structure collapsed. Luckily the damage occurred on a Saturday (a holiday in Nepal) so none of the students or teachers were injured. Unfortunately,  half the building suffered from multiple cracks, a falling roof, and numerous broken windows.

    The community and teachers have had no choice but to continue to use the unsafe building for teaching children every day. 250 students are risking their life everyday in these unsafe buildings. Realizing the immediate need to rebuild new classrooms for the students is now a priority for the local community, Hope for the Nations and The Small World initiated construction of 2 classrooms.

    The Small World believes in creating opportunities, taking responsibility, and giving back to the community. All projects are community owned, with locals participating actively in both the decision-making processes and the implementation of the project. Using this model has ensured a feeling of ownership by the community and the continuity of the project’s future. Since these small communities are generally “off the radar” for government support, communities learn how to organize and successfully gain aid from other organizations like The Small World and Hope for the Nations.

    The new classroom will be earthquake resistant and provide more natural light with a skylight roof. The goal is to finish the school construction by end of July before monsoon season begins so students can use the rooms for their new academic session.

    If you’d like to contribute to the construction of the new classrooms in Nepal, you can learn more about the project HERE


  • Doctor Martin Kim has traveled to Kenya several times, volunteering his time to provide free dental care to those in need. Here's an account from his most recent visits:

    During my last two visits to Kenya in 2016, I had the privilege of participating with Hope for the Nations in providing medical and dental procedures and health education to under-privileged Kenyans. Inside the city of Nairobi, I worked in the Sinai and Soweto slums where HOPE has projects.

    We set up a medical and dental camp where we provided treatment to over 700 local residents, with medical screenings (diabetes, hypertension, HIV), treatment of acute conditions (infections, pains, deworming), dental treatments (extractions, and fillings), and preventative health education and referrals.

    During this medical/dental camp, we trained 6 of the older students from Hope and Bright Future School to be medical and dental assistants to allow a more interactive experience.


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