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A Fundraiser for The BUSINESS OF {HOPE}

Our goal is to help HFTN raise financial support for the projects they administer worldwide.

Maccabee Financial Inc is an Investment and Insurance management company dedicated to helping clients be structured in a way that suites them for their financial outlook.
We help provide our clients with protection and preparation for different situations in life, for as we know, life is full of turns. As life and times change, it is our commitment to help our clients walk through change with confidence and become 'success' focused.

As Maccabee Financial builds confidence and success in our clients, we also desire to invest in a successful future for the emerging generations of children at risk around the world.

It has been the heart of Joshua Dodgson, David Dodgson and his wife Hannah, to give of their time and money to the emerging generation of children at risk. The majority of our work has been through HFTN on a missions and support level for 10+ years.

Continuing the relationship with Hope For The Nations and taking it to this level is both an honour and extremely exciting. Our vision is to combine all of our efforts together and to make a difference in the lives of our children around the world. Maccabee Financial and Hope For The Nations have formed a strategic partnership.

Together, and with our clients, we are investing in the lives of children around the world through community based care, education and scholarship programs to give 'at risk' children a chance.

We welcome your investment in the lives of "Tomorrow's Leaders".

Fundraiser Updates

  • The realities of running a vegetable 'kiosk' can be very difficult.

    It requires a shopping run at 6 a.m. to get good vegetables and prices to sell, long hours of waiting for customers and finding clients who become regular customers.

    Net profits are running close to $5 a day ... which makes a difference!

    Joyce wants to thank Maccabee Financial for investing in her kiosh which provided funding for the construction of her stall and for start-up capital to purchase her vegetables.

    Her income in meager but working at her kiosk gives her dignity. She no longer works on the street!

  • A number of months ago I was speaking with a 'sex' worker who wanted to get off the streets in Kenya.

    She believed this may be possible via a small enterprise of buying, cleaning, frying and selling fish in the local community.

    With the assistance of Maccabee Financial Inc., a small grant was provided to buy a pan, fuel, a cooler and some fish. The work began in earnest.

    Here is a recent quote from this mother as to her progress:

    "Hi dear. fish in a frying pan and in box for selling. The business is very down ... hoping God wil work it for us."

    Getting off the street is an uphill battle! Small enterprises and initiatives fail for any number of reasons ... yet, we must continue to try!

    Let us continue this struggle together ... helping women off the streets.

  • CHICKS for CHICKS’ started from a friendly brainstorming session in Mtwapa, Kenya. Justice Rising leaders, Richard and Lydia, and I were wrestling with the issues of sustainability for an HIV/AIDS women’s co-operative.

    ‘CHICKS for CHICKS’ also started from a deep concern for this group of amazing ladies who are good mothers, determined to work but are crippled by physical weakness and systemic poverty.

    We gathered with the ladies and came up with the tagline: “Chicks for Chicks”. We all laughed and celebrated together.

    We made a decision to renovate an old chicken shed, equip it and begin our ‘chickaree’. We have started with 200 chicks and will up-scale as we progress. Through the process, the ladies will learn to manage the operation, keep records and manage their funds. It's a great start and a better future!

    The ladies want to express their deep appreciation for the funding from Maccabee Financial Inc.


    Description                    Total Project      Budget Amount Allocated (KSh)

    Shed renovation - Pt 1        26,770                   13,385

    Shed renovation - Pt 2        50,520                    20,000

     TOTAL SHARE from MACCABEE INC.:           33,385 ($425 CDN)


  • Working on the streets of Mombasa is dangerous and difficult work. 'Mommas' arrive on these streets after many years of abuse and exploitation in the agriculture and service industry. The believe their options have evaporated.

    One by one, these amazing mothers are finding a way to build a better life.

    Meet my friend the "Onion" lady. She is a wonderful mother of four lovely children, intelligent, hard working and dreams of a brighter future.

    Recently, she started selling local onions on the street. Experiencing a measure of success, she secured a 'business' loan from Maccabee Financial Inc. and imported onions from Tanzania. Here is her business plan:

    • one 120 kg sack of onion is ksh 8700 buying it from the shamba (farm)
    • all the transport from Tanzania to the market is ksh 750
    • from the large market to my location it wil cost me 500
    • renting a mkokoteni (cart on wheels) for selling the onion a day is 200
    • and last is the packages which is 200
    • TOTAL cost: Ksh 10,350

    Here's the math:

    • The selling price per kilo at the market is 120 ksh
    • 120 Kg X 120 KSH = KSH 14,400
    • Sales less costs = KSH 4,000
    • Time to sell one "sack" is 4 days ... thus profit is KSH 1,000 per day

    Here's the translation:

    - 5 days work covers her rent for the month

    - 8 days more work covers her food bill

    - 10 days more work covers her children's school fees & clothing

    Thanks Maccabee Financial for helping this mother build a better life!!!




  • My name is Vailet Asendi mother of three children; I gave birth to my first born while I was in primary school. My father married seven wives and had 28 children so had not enough money to cater for my schooling so he told me to stop from going to school so that I can look after my baby.

    In the year 2000, I decided to go to Mombasa to look for a job. I was stranded not knowing what to do; I went to the street and I was forced to become a stripper because I had no where to stay, no one to live with, no one to cater for my needs i.e. food, shelter and clothing.

    As problems were increasing I became a prostitute, I   was sleeping with any man I came across as long as he pays me; my life was at a high risk of getting HIV/AIDS because I was making love without protection.

    I both caught HIV and also went to prison. After prison I decided to get rid of prostitution because it was becoming a burden to my life. As I was looking for job, I came a cross another NGO called solidarity with Women in Distress (SOLWODI), that was the year 2003. The organization took me and trained me peer education so that I can become a role model to my colleagues.

    Today, I work with International Centre for Reproductive Health as a volunteer peer educator. To help stay alive, I also raise chickens.

    Vailet is most grateful for the support she has received from Maccabee Financial Inc for her enterprise of 300 chickens.



  • SHIKHULOBELE SELF-HELP SUPPORT GROUP for H.I.V. is a community group based in Mtwapa, Kenya that was formed and registered in 2011 with the ministry of gender in the department of social services as a self help group.

    The name ‘SHIKHULOBELE’ is a luhya term meaning we have not denied ourselves. The decision to have that name arose from the stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS among the community members hence leading to denial by most of those infected and affected.

    This group was therefore formed with an aim of addressing all forms of stigma associated with HIV hence promoting acceptance of people living with HIV and giving them equal opportunities. The group has a membership of 25 whom all are female. Maccabee Financial Inc. provided funding for their soap enterprise.

    Recently, Maccabee Financial Inc. has provided funding for Vailet, the group's leader, to take motorcycle lessons.

    Why? Vailet does multiple home visitations for those suffering from HIV. Each week she visits many homes, but the costs and inconvenience of transport is a big issue.

    Our goal: Get Vailet her motorcycle license and then buy her a motorcycle!

  • I was called to meet with a group of HIV women in Mtwapa, Kenya.

    15 beautiful women sat in a circle as part of their weekly 'support' group for those suffering from the HIV virus. Each week they gather to share and discuss their pain, their shame and their journey as mothers living under this stigma.

    They presented me with an urgent request ... they need KSH 24,000 to purchase supplies for making soap and detergent. As a collective, they would purchase supplies, make the soap and then divide the product among themselves for the sales of the soap and detergent.

    I noted their plight .... mother's who sought to make a living in an honorable way.

    I viewed their industry ... mama's who worked hard and did not want a 'hand out'.

    I honored their request ... $300 USD to get the group started one more time.

    I witnessed their gratitude ... deep appreciation for our assistance in the process.

    Maccabee Financial Inc. has once again stepped into a strategic investment opportunity ... that of building a small enterprise for HIV women in Kenya.

  • GOOD SAMARITAN SCHOOL, working in the slum region of Mtwapa, Kenya is in desperate need of school supplies. Their principal writes:


    "We are so eager to see improvement in academic and in teachers capability to handle the classes."

    The teachers now need Revision books to help improve the standard of the pupils.

    They need two revision books in each subject and we have six subjects:

    Classes:     Class 6    Class 5       Class 4      Class 3      Class 2      Class 1       

    Costs:        4250/=      3980/=          3800/=    `3750/=         3560/=        3345/=

    Subjects: Socials,  Science,   ''Kiswahili,    Maths,        C.R.E        English

    Total                          KSH 22,685/= $270 CDN


    MACCABEE FINANCIAL INC. has once again responded to this strategic call for assistance and has invested into the lives of over 100 children!


  • I recently received an urgent request from one of our partners working in a large slum on the outskirts of Mombasa, Kenya:

    “Would you come to Mtwapa and help start small businesses for our youth so that they do not have to sell their bodies, steal or trade drugs in order to survive?”

    The MACCABEE FINANCIAL INC.  team have responded by providing  ‘investment’ capital to three teams of entrepreneurs. The sum of KSH 15,000 has been granted to each of the teams.

    The YOUTH have planned and requested the following:

    • The formation of 3 teams who will receive ‘mentorship’ so that they can learn the basic principles of business
    • Start-up budgets for teams to buy and sell FIREWOOD, CHARCOAL and PARAFFIN
    • Exercise the discipline of recording, accounting and reporting their progress
    • Learning the practices of profit sharing and re-investment

    The money has been sent ... their success is yet to be determined.

    Stay posted!


  • David and Joshua of MACCABEE FINANCIAL INC. have been investing over the past few months to see a chicken business become a reality at the Kiungani Children's Home in Kitale, Kenya.

    The project faced a number of work delays due to bad weather, the workers not showing up and building only as funds arrived. However, the coop was finally completed and the chickens were moved into their new home.

    Our goal is to see our children eating eggs and the balance sold to make a profit.

    Once again, Maccabee Financial Inc. has become a part of this success story.

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