Team Comedor 2013

Our volunteers will doing small construction projects during January 2013 to improve basic living conditions for the elderly poor.

It is our privilege to come alongside a ministry in Colima Mexico where the love of Jesus is shown in very tangible ways.  This ministry is called the “comedor” which means ‘dining room’ in Spanish because it provides both real and spiritual food to the very poor and elderly.  It is led by a lady named Libuska and her group of volunteers and is similar to what we would define as a soup kitchen.  Every day they prepare food at Groupo Amor Christian church, load up their folding tables and chairs, and go out into the poor neighbourhoods where the elderly live, set up their portable ‘dining room’ and lovingly serve them a nutritious meal.  That meal may be the only one the elderly get that day as many have little or no means to support themselves.  Libuska and her volunteers love these people by spending time getting to know them and building relationships.  While they are being fed, a volunteer shares from the Bible so these people can hear and learn more about God, His love for them and His great desire to have a relationship with them.  The “comedor” is not only feeding their bodies but also their spirits and it is a beautiful thing to witness.

Our primary focus will be to help make their everyday lives a little more comfortable.  Many of these people live in a shelters made of a few broken boards and tarps with a dirt floor, sleep on a very old dirty mattress with little or no bedding and rarely have a working shower.  Their living conditions are heartbreaking.  We will do small construction projects such as pour concrete and tile floors, repair walls and replace roofs to improve their basic living conditions.

We welcome your prayers and input either by being a volunteer or making a donation of any amount towards construction materials. Thank you!  Terry & Janet Courtney

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