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Empowering people with God's love! Just think what we could do by bringing our drops of love all together.

Just think... What if there was a way to get resources to people who could start a small business and become self supporting? And what if there was a way to get precious families out of the squalor of a refugee camp, back to their home land and have these resources to make a new start?

Well I am now connected with Karen Barkman who founded Provision of Hope and is doing just what I described above. Read more 

Eddie Nyeswah lives on the Buduburam Refugee Camp with his wife Harriet and young son Eddie Jr.  They have suffered much in this place and are asking to go home to Liberia.  This camp is hopeless! So deplorable. One refugee woman that we helped home, said it this way “Buduburam was a living HELL”   It is time for ALL refugees here to leave and go back to Liberia.  For $200 per adult (3) and $150 for Eddie Jr. we could put them all on the bus. Read more

Cynthia Boimah and her son Jackson came from the Buduburam Refugee camp in 2011. They have managed to resettle in Liberia with minimal assistance.   Cynthia has shown that she can run a profitable business.  She does have business skills and is not afraid of hard work. Right now she is asking for a micro loan of $300 to boost her baking business.  She needs more supplies.  Before noon, she is already out of baked goods. She runs out of flour. Read more 

So this is my passion.

Read more at Drops of Love

Fundraiser Updates

  • The following is an update from Karen Barkman, founder of Provision of Hope Liberia.

    "When we first heard about Bernice Williams she was smashing rocks in the Refugee Camp for a cup of rice for her and her little baby. 

    My heart breaks when I think of it. 

    Later Bernice was one of our leaders in the Refugee Camp. We helped her home in 2012.  She housed orphan kids in the refugee camp, which we  brought home to Liberia with her.  Today she has 7 children she is raising.

    This is why we cater to her with loans, so she can help with the kids.

    Bernice started with a small shop in Liberia, then grew to the next business of selling clothes, and finally to her own shop. She rents it, but for a very low cost. She was smart and added on her own room at the back, where they live.  She has a contract with her landlord for 10 yrs. he cannot raise her rent above $ 60 per month.  Fantastic deal for what she put into this place."



  • Karen and her team are in Liberia as we speak. Their itinerary is very full and I especially excited to get updates from these two things:


    B.  We will check up on our 4 Children’s Homes and all our foster care homes, as well as our single mothers on our program.  We will bring back updated photos as best we can.

    C.  We are bringing in a School Curriculum in conjunction with Organic Nutritional Training  in partnership with Organics 4 Orphans  and checking in on most of  the Agricultural Projects.


    My Children's Ministry sent some funds to help with some of the garden programs for the Hope kids. Also looking forward to updates on our micro loans and our sponsored kids.


    Stay tuned and keep praying.




  • I asked Karen who we can help next - she wrote -

    Another family I would love to help is Grace Grayeason and her kids. They are stuck in the Refugee Camp unless we step up to help them home. They have been through so much too.

    Grace has had it very, very hard.  She was profusely bleeding for months and months. Finally we got her blood pressure under control to where she could get her surgery done. She had a fibroid growth the size of a fetus.  Big!!  She is fully recovered, unless they are without food and she has to worry how they will eat. Then she has pain in her stomach....so much to worry about.

    She just asked for a business loan, of around $ 600.  I told her we don't start new people off with that much.  She's on our handout system right now, meaning that we give her food money.

    I have an email out to her now, asking her if she plans to go back to Liberia.  If yes, I would suggest she wait until we move them home, then she could start a business. Her little boy is not in school.


  • It is so exciting to get reports and see how every drop of love makes a difference - Phebe Williams just paid back $ 600 on her loan. All of us together on this fundraiser financed $1,000 for her on Sept. 27, 2014. We also financed Bernice Williams her sister as well to move back to Liberia and out of the slums. We are getting payments each month from her too. She was the one that was crashing rocks in the refugee camp, making gravel. Today she is a leader, and has several orphan children in her home. 

  • Karen sent the  following - another great testimony of our money going a long way to make a difference.

    "Here is the story of these 3 orphan girls, who lived alone in the Buduburam refugee camp, in Ghana after their mother died.
    Joyce, in pink, is the oldest, then Diana and little Rachel.  I met them in person in Feb. 2014, after they were resettled in Liberia. We funded their transportation by bus, in 2012.   
    When our leaders at the Buduburam Refugee Camp told me about these "poor" girls, they came pleading that I would help them. They had only wraps for clothes, and no food in their room.
    That's when I did a blog post for them, and soon had the help needed to transport  them home, and rent a room for the 3 of them.  Later I found out they had a dad, but he was away from the camp, trying to make a bit of money, to help feed his girls. So of course we helped him home too.

    Visit http://shell.cowpersmith.org/2014/12/koplay-family/ and see more pictures. Today!!!  Look how happy and attractive they look.  I have a whole book on "before" and "afters"  I took this photo last February. I also have beautiful pics of them in their room. The girls have one room, the dad
    has another rented room. 

    They are so happy! All the girls are in school and Pa Koplay is a skilled carpenter.  He is also an artist.
    Dad Koplay got a loan of $400 and just paid it off this week.  He will apply for a larger loan now. He has a proven track record!
    I am all about hand ups, not hand outs. Every person wants to feel the satisfaction of their own achievements, they really don't want to live on hand outs. 

  • I was sharing with Mark, my husband, how excited I was to see the funds we raised with the Drops of Love team help the Oben family move out of the slums and he joined in my excitement. I asked, Could we donate any profits from your book sales of that come in for November?  He said Yes, let's bless more families for Christmas.

    I am posting Cynthia's pictures because her and her son Jackson were first helped by Provision of Hope a few years ago to move from the refugee camp in Monrovia back to Liberia. Karen visited her this year and saw her store and asked what could help her. Cynthia is a savy business woman and shared how increasing her stock would help. So a micro loan was able to help her expand her store.  

    This is crazy exciting.  More to come. See more pictures.

    Every drop of love counts!  We are making a difference together.

    Check out Mark's book Is God Religious? If not why are we?


  • I am so blessed to be working with such an awesome team!  We call ourselves, "Drops of Love." We make greeting cards, clean houses, sell jewlery and anything else we can think of to raise money for the precious families at Provision of Hope.

    Last Sunday I showed some slides of Kebah Johnson and some of the families we have helped. I also showed the slides of the discipleship team that are helping widows and the hope home with education about the ebola outbreak. My church loved the presentation and cheered and a man came up to me after and asked, "How much does it cost to get a family out of the refugee camp. I responded with an estimate of $250.

    He said, "Sign me up for 3 families!"  In tears I thanked him and couldn't wait to get home to email Karen.  This is Karen's reply:

    "This is God... I am so excited I can hardly type!!!!

    Just prior to your email.. I had a donor, who I forgot about, except for the records, ask if they could sponsor Prince Oben to school again.  Yes, of course they could.. it's their family Christmas project.
    Well Prince lives in the slums, with his family.

    Good guess, with helping one individual home... $250... from the refugee camp!!!
    That is the bus fare with a bit of food.
    Some ask for clothes.  We don't always give clothes, but at times we do.
    There are travel documents too for about $25, but unless the bus fare has gone up, $250 should cover all!!

    However right now because of the Ebola Epidemic, nobody wants to go home from the refugee camp in Ghana.
    The camp, they figure is better than contracting Ebola, the deadly virus.  I agree.

    Would this person be interested in helping a family move out of the slums in West Pointe, to a good community, out of the slums.  I have a Christian family who I would just LOVE TO MOVE... if we had the money.
    They would need about $600 minimum, they have a family of 5 and a widow mother.  
    That would just cover their rent for one year, not to mention beds.  They sleep on mats in the slum.

    Shell do you have drop box, and I could send photos to you that way.
    Or attach them here.  Here are 3 photos of the family I would love to move from the slums.
    Can you imagine if we could move them out for a CHRISTMAS PRESENT.

    I think this is God!!!

    I love, love, love, love... phoning people, who I know are desperate... and letting them know."

    So now the donation has been made and the man asked if I would print off the pictures of the family and make a pacage for him to show his children.  One happy Christmas coming

    And more to come....card sales next week as well

  • In the midst of turmoil and tragedy it is crucial to stop and thank God for the victories and the celebrations.  We celebrate with these special people and all those who helped make the new home a REALITY


    "The Children are waving to their sponsors and saying thank you to “every one” who gave in order to make this day possible!  Eric and Kamah want to extend their appreciation to you too.    What a joy it was for me to talk to them and the children on speaker phone just after they moved in.   Everyone was so grateful and full of praises.  Eric asked me to pray a blessing over them and their new home. 

    Each child has a story.  Thank God today, they are no longer children at risk.  They are loved and cared for in a safe environment.  They have a Hope and a Future. Read more


    We are very thankful for the recovery of Dr. Sacra who contracted the Ebola virus while working in Liberia. Please continue your prayers as this disease is treatable and can be contained. See Dr. Sacra's comments below.

    We praise God that Dr. Rick Sacra is making progress in his recovery from Ebola. His wife Debbie says, "We appreciate all the attention and concern for Rick, but he wants you to share his burden for the people of Liberia and West Africa, to carry [the burden] along with him. We appreciate that many have given to SIM and many other organizations to make sure that health workers have protective equipment. But the fight against this crisis is going to take more time and more resources."

    The Economist Newspaper writes, The death toll from the Ebola virus is continuing to grow alarmingly. On September 9th the World Health Organisation (WHO) said it had recorded 4,293 cases in five west African countries, of which at least 2,296 people had died (see map below). But even the WHO’s experts believe that is an underestimate as many people are suspected to be dying at home. By some estimates 12,000 people have been infected with Ebola so far.

    In Liberia the disease is spreading quickly. The country’s existence is now “seriously threatened” as the functions of state are disrupted, Brownie Samukai, Liberia’s minister of national defence, said this week. The health system, already weak, is breaking down. At least 160 Liberian health-care workers have contracted the disease and half of them have died. Ebola is also spreading in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria, and a case has been reported in Senegal. This is the worst-ever outbreak. Yet even though the disease was discovered almost 40 years ago, there are no licensed treatments or vaccines.

    That is largely because Ebola has been an intermittent disease in some of the world’s least-developed places. Previous outbreaks flared up but then died back. The virus is transmitted to people from wild animals (fruit bats are a natural host) and then spread by contact with body fluids. As Ebola was confined to poor countries and largely containable with strict infection controls, there was little commercial reason for drug companies to embark on years of costly clinical trials to bring Ebola medicines to market.


  • The following is an email and prayer request from Karen Barkman, director and founder of Provision of Hope. I asked her how the families are doing in Liberia that we are connected with given the Eboli crisis. I asked specifically about Keebah Johnson who Drops of Love cards helped sponsor to return to Liberia and set up her own business. Karen replied:

    She's part of our intercessory prayer team. They are a force to contend with, alright!

    Everyone is affected by the Ebola virus. The government offices are shut down, the hospitals and clinics are closed to the general public. No running water in Monrovia, business is at a stand still, the borders are closed, and dead bodies, of Ebola victims are found lying in the streets. Everyone is afraid to touch them. They are the most contagious right after they die. It is a mess, everywhere! People are afraid to move about.

    The military are guarding border crossings within the country, and guarding the borders to other countries.

    This will put Liberia back many years. It is so incredibly sad. This war on Ebola is far from over.

    We need Heaven's intervention. We are training teams of people to spread Ebola awareness and prevention measures. We are buying up sanitary materials, like chloride, anti-bacteria agents, gloves, pumps for clear water, from pails and barrels, and drugs for the more common diseases, since the clinics are closed. Everyone is coming to Provision of Hope for help. It is a traumatic situation. I hardly know where to draw the line. We are stocking up on food, since they expect a shortage with the borders closed. Flights are not coming in. Everyone is filled with fear.

    Every phone call I am encouraging people to take the word of God and remind Him of His Word. "Take His promises in the face of your fear and deadly diseases" Every phone call I can feel faith rise with in me and I know it is being passed on to them. 

    The good news is.... people are streaming into the churches, trying to find God.. praying that He may hear their desperate plea.

    The same group of powerful praying women, have gathered again to pray, who prayed Charles Taylor right out of Liberia. (To read more about that seehttp://shell.cowpersmith.org/2012/05/there-is-a-time-to-stop-being-polite/.) They say, they will not stop praying until Ebola has also left the country. 

    We are believing for supernatural miracles in the face of this deadly monster.

    Thanks for caring and helping these dear people!
    Is there is a time to stop being polite? | Shell Cowper-Smith
    Is there is a time to stop being polite? Leemah GboweeIn light of God stirring in our hearts and calling us to rise up, I want to introduce you to a lady named Leymah Gbowee. Leymah is a peace activist in Liberia. She led a women’s prayer movement...

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