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Andrew is a singer-songwriter and tap-style guitar instrumentalist based in Kelowna BC, Canada. He has been playing folk clubs, festivals and house concerts in Canada, the USA and Europe to enthusiastic audiences. Andrew has shared the stage with Bruce Cockburn, Ruthie Foster, Gordie Sampson, Martyn Joseph and David Wilcox. In 2007 Andrew Smith played at the INTERNATIONAL GUITAR FESTIVAL in Dresden Germany (to rave reviews). The festival featured a dozen great guitar players from around the world including Peter Finger and Frank Haunschild. He also travelled to Africa with a film crew - commissioned to write and record a tap style instrumental piece for the documentary film 'An Orphan's Dream'. Smith sometimes performs with a duo, a trio and sometimes even with a 7 piece band called the Floorbirds. Andrew also works as a producer out of his own studio in Kelowna, BC. He was recently awarded PRODUCER OF THE YEAR and INSTRUMENTALIST OF THE YEAR in the BC Interior region.

ART IS {HOPE} Liberia Water Wells

In 2008 I agreed to write some music for a film by Martin Berthiaume called 'An Orphan's Dream'.  At the time that I accepted this invitation, I didn't realize that it meant travelling through Africa with the film crew!  I first met Philip in South Africa at the University of Johannesburg where he studied economics, and then travelled with him to Liberia (his home country). Along the way, as we visited the villages and cities where he grew up, I heard his life story first hand.   It is an amazing story, and one that greatly impacted my life. 

As I got to know Philip, I composed a tap-style instrumental piece called 'Africa Tap' in an effort to portray his life story through music.  This became the soundtrack for the film which you can check out here on this page.

In my concerts, whenever I play this piece, I tell Philip's story and relive my experiences of tavelling in Liberia.  Using the platform of my concerts, I hope to raise awareness and funds for this cause of Water Wells - a project that is near and dear to Philip. 

Please join me in supporting the vital work of this remarkable young man.

Check out my website and Tour Information available at:

Fundraiser Updates

  • There’s no doubt that Andrew and Zach excel on their own musically but having them together, accompanying each other with drums, mandolin, dobro and pitch perfect harmonies is just spectacular.

    Andrew and Zachari Smith are a folk, alt-country and tap-style guitar father son duo. Their show features excellent songwriting (Andrew Smith winner of Kerrville Newfolk Songwriting Competition 2006) and engaging storytelling. Andrew and Zachari are multi-instrumentalists; their show combines a variety of acoustic instruments including Guitar, Baritone, Dobro, Mandolin and Banjo. They have been touring Canada extensively since 2010 and will be headlining folk clubs in 2012.

    Andrew is one of very few Canadians to have won the prestigious Kerrville Newfolk Songwriting Competition. He is also a "world class" tap style guitarist. It has been said that Andrew Smith "plays like Don Ross (finger-style guitar champion) and sounds like James Taylor".

    Zachari’s songwriting is a sweet blend of original folk and alt-country. His political subject matter harkens back to early Dylan coupled with beatlesque sensibilities. Andrew is a seasoned musician who has toured much of the world playing folk clubs, festivals and house concerts to enthusiastic audiences. Zachari has toured Canada and the US solo and with his band ‘The Geese’. He also released two solo albums over the last 4 years. This father son duo bring their many talents to audiences with ease; Their voices meld, like only families can, and they perform in relaxed synchronicity.

    Andrew and Zachari released their first duo CD called 'Travelling' in Spring 2011 and they are coming to a city near you!


  • An incredible night of live music, film and fabulous art was experienced on Feb. 25th during Global Citizen Week raising awareness and finance for ART IS {HOPE} and for 3 ART IS {HOPE} artists campaign pages, one of which being water wells for Liberia.  

    Help this campaign goal be reached by CLICKING on DONATE NOW!

  • My wife, Tami, and I just barely made it back to Canada in time for my son, Zachari, and I to begin our west coast tour. The fun NEVER ends. We were having a wee holiday with some friends in Santa Monica CA where I got quite sunburned - so I really look out of place here in rainy Vancouver.

    Our first concert of the tour was last night - a house concert at Mia and John Sleeth's house in Surrey. It was a great night to kick off the tour with Derrick Usher opening and MY MAN Ezra Kwizera jumping on stage to play a tune also. Yes it's true, we were WINGIN IT since Zachari and I live in different cities and our schedules didn't allow us much time to rehearse (until today), but it has not been long since our last tour in Ontario, so it was ALL GOOD as they say.

    Tonight we play at the House of Blues, no, no - the House of James, that's it - in Abbottsford, and tomorrow we head to Vancouver Island - one of my very favourite places in all the world. We will play Comox, Campbell River, Duncan and 3 shows in Victoria over the next week.

    Naturally we are also well prepared to take advantage of some fly fishing opportunities on the way. The rain will not deter us. The plan for the next week is simple: Fish by Day and Gig by Night. (Yes, it's hard but somehow we will manage). Zachari bought me a gorgeous new fly-rod for Christmas which I will finally be able to try out.

    On this tour again, we will be trying to raise awareness and funds for our Liberian Water Wells project.  As an 'ART IS HOPE' artist, I am partnering with my friend Phillip Pleiwon from Liberia to bring fresh clean water to Phillips village in Liberia. As you might know, dirty water kills more people than war.  As you can see,  our goal is to raise $8,000. to buy and install these wells. I hope you can help - every little bit helps. You can donate right here on this site and you will receive a tax receipt.

    I hope that Zachari and I will see you at a show soon. We have some killer new songs in the set, and the vibe in these concerts is sweet. All the details are on my BRAND NEW WEBSITE at



  • We're touring in Ontario now as the Andrew & Zachari Smith duo.  We started with a very busy schedule, playing 5 shows in 3 days.   I've been introducing the Art Is Hope program to the audiences each night.  It is very natural for me to talk about it in the context of my concert when I perform the song 'Africa Tap', and there are always interested people who take an Art Is Hope card from my CD table and check out this website.  I see that we have already raised $250. for the water wells project, and I'm very excited about that.  It has occurred to me that the title 'Africa Tap' now has another layer of meaning ....

    The Alan Rankin Gallery concert in Kingston was a wonderful way to officially kick off the tour.  This concert series takes place in a beautiful 150 year old farm house that has been transformed by Alan and Brenda into work of modern art.  The house concert was packed out, and everyone enjoyed the music, the food and the wine.  (Next month Juno Award winner Amelia Curran will perform there).

    The next morning we drove up to Ottawa for a one-hour live radio show and interview on CKCU.  It is a long-standing folk music show called Canadian Spaces, with host Chopper McKinnon.  The first time I played on Chopper's show a few years ago, he started off rather skeptical because he had never heard me before.  But by the end of the show, he was calling me his new "find-of-the-year on Canadian Spaces".  This time he was very warm to Zachari and I, and afterward we went out for lunch together with Chopper and his assistant Julie.

    On Saturday night we played another concert series that I've wanted to play for a long time:  It's called the Music on McLean house concert series in Perth Ontario.  This is beautiful little town half-way between Kingston and Ottawa.  Again the place was packed - despite an Ottawa Senators playoff hockey game going on.  Big thanks to Steve and Sue Tennant for hosting/promoting this show.

    We were in London last night, and had another great show.  As each night passes, Zachari and I are getting more into the groove of performing the new material.  Unlike the first few shows, last night's crowd was mostly familiar with my music, as I've toured there numerous times.  So it was fun playing requests of older tunes - with Zachari way out on a limb playing Dobro.

    I'm really enjoying this rare opportunity to travel and perform with my son Zachari.  We will have one more tour together on the west coast and Vancouver Island in late May.  After that he will be back to work with his own band - The Geese.

    Today is a day off, (blogging, laundry, reading, watching hockey) and then the adventures continue up to North Bay, back to Ottawa and finally to Toronto.

  • Hey everyone!

    Hope you all can make it out to the event at the Streaming Cafe (596 Leon) 8pm, April 20th.

    Its gonna be a great night of artists connecting with justice projects around the world. If you're an artist who is interested in partenering an awesome global aid agency, then come and out and learn some more! Or if you're interested in social jusice come and see how you can be involved.

    Tickets are $20 at the door.

    Hope to see you all there!


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