Liberia Rising

Post-war children at risk becoming children of change through community development

Something remarkable is happening in Liberia, a country still recovering from one of the bloodiest civil wars in Africa’s history. Near the city of Ganta lies Hope Village, a farm and community founded by Hope for the Nations Liberia to help those most affected: the children. What makes Hope Village so special are the people who run its day-to-day operations: 5 Liberian women who, with the help of HFTN Liberia, founded in 1997 by Ken and Linda McAllister of Vancouver, Canada, have dedicated their lives to bringing children into families and hope into Liberia’s future. This November, we are going to take it further.

HFTN Liberia presents “Liberia Rising - Post-war Children becoming Children of Change”.  We will be launching "Liberia Rising" November 20th at The Chapel at  Stanley Park, Vancouver BC.    

Because of previous donations, HFTN Liberia has rescued hundreds of children from near starvation into healthy lives. At Hope Village, malnourished children are fed at the Children’s Centre. The Centre is partially sustained by Hope Farm: fields of cassava plants, moringa trees, pineapples, and many other crops. The children are placed, not in an orphanage, but with carefully selected foster families that live in the community and provide for the children’s needs until they are 19. The children are also given free access to Hope Academy, a school that has seen over 400 children graduate.

With food, a family, medical care and an education, these children are being given back their futures. All of this is made possible by donors who see their potential and are willing to help stop the indifference that strips their future of hope or even takes away their future entirely. Thank you for your support!

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LIBERIA - Ganta: Community Development

Post-war children at risk becoming children of change through community development
Liberia is a nation that continues to reap the ill effects of many years of bloody civil war, where more than a quarter million people were killed; about 13% of the population. Ganta , the second largest city in the country, has been a central location... Read more >