EBOLA attacking Liberia

Urgent need to raise funds to help fight the effects of the Ebola outbreak.

The Worst Ebola Virus Outbreak in history is spreading across Liberia.  

This is one the deadliest virus' known to man with no cure and a mortality rate that is higher than 50% and even up to 90% in some outbreaks. 

With most hospitals and health clinics closed many people with any type of disease have nowhere to go. Medication is getting scarce. Businesses are coming to a standstill. Schools are closed. With the borders shutting down food will become even harder to access.  Areas in Liberia are under quarantine.

Hope for the Nations, a B.C. based international NGO, is one of the few organizations working on the front lines in Liberia, desperately trying to battle the spread of Ebola. HOPE is partnering with local health authorities to provide sanitization stations as well as medical supplies and food for those in desperate need of help.  HOPE has centres in Ganta, Kpaytuo and Monrovia.

“We need help. The situation is getting worse by the hour. There have been more than 600 deaths in Liberia alone. Right now it is difficult to know how many have yet to be accounted for.”  Karen Barkman, HOPE Director in Monrovia.

“We need more funding to help us care for our communities and our HOPE Families. Most of these families will be losing their incomes which will make it impossible for them to pay for the increase in the cost of their family’s needs."  Ken McAllister, HOPE Area Director for Liberia

Funds Raised will be going towards:
Sanitization Materials. Clean pure water. Pharmacy Drugs for malaria, typhoid etc.Buying extra food for our Children's Homes. Buying extra food for the quarantined areas. Salaries for national HOPE workers. 

Thank you,

Karen, Ken and HFTN staff in Canada and Liberia

Fundraiser Updates



                DATE: SUNDAY, Sept. 28th

                EVENT:  4th Annual “WALK A MILE IN MY SHOES”  

                TIME:  3:00 PM

                PLACE:  Mission Creek Regional Park  2363 Springfield Rd. 

                PURPOSE:  to bring RELIEF to those impacted by the Ebola Outbreak


                Cookies, hotdogs, drinks etc. are served after the walk.                       

                Bring your lawn chairs.   Rain or shine the walk is on.

                For more info contact Karen Barkman                                                 

                Karen@provisionofhope.com   250-454-9456 or 250-317-7506   

                Registration + pledge sheets available     


    People are hungry, food prices have skyrocketed  and many are dying daily from Ebola.

    • We are setting up sanitizing stations with disinfectants and anti bacterial soaps.
    • We are giving out medical drugs for common diseases like malaria and typhoid. 
    • We are giving food to the hungry. 


    We are looking forward to seeing you on the 28th.  If you are unable to come, you are welcome to donate here

  • Answering a few questions about HOPE, Liberia and Ebola.

    1.   What exactly is HOPE doing, and where, to combat this Ebola outbreak?

    Putting Sanitizing Packages together with Training on Ebola Prevention. A package consists of antibacterial soaps, disinfectant agents, gloves, water barrels with spouts etc.

    The cost of one package is $100.

    We are buying up food for our Homes, due to the fear of a food shortage, and the fact that rice has already more than doubled in price.   We are distributing food to the quarantined areas.  There is a shortfall of food in some of these areas.  

    We are buying up wholesale pharmacy drugs to treat other diseases like Malaria, Typhoid, etc. since many clinics have closed and people do not go to the hospitals in fear of contracting Ebola

    We are just starting to help victims in our circles who have contracted Ebola. These are relatives of our people who are on our program or relatives of our workers. In Liberia all hospitals charge, and patients supply their own food.

    2.   Is what HOPE is doing any different than what other organizations are doing to fight this?  

    Many westerners and foreign people have pulled out as they are too afraid to stay.  Hope works with National Directors so we are one of the few charities that is working at full capacity.  We are very involved on every level.

    3.   What is the biggest challenge HOPE and other agencies are facing when it comes to combating this outbreak?

    People not going to the hospital with other ailments for fear they will contract Ebola. We are treating so many other sick people, due to the fact they are afraid to go to hospital. This is a direct result to the hospitals and clinics closed to the general public and the fact that Health Care Workers are afraid to go to work.  We are buying drugs direct now from the warehouse centers. 

    We are also helping relatives of our people who have contracted Ebola, and are in the Ebola quarantined Care Facilities.

    4.  What are some of the costs of treatment at this time in Liberia?

    Treatment for Ebola  $200  This varies on how long the patient is in the care center, and if he/she recovers or dies.  This cost could go up to $500 per person.  We are just starting to fund Ebola victims.

    Malaria Treatment Regular Drugs  for a mild case $50

    Malaria IV Drips  $100

    Typhoid Treatment $50 IV Drips $100

    Common Diseases - we can treat them for $50 to $100

    Questions answered by HOPE Liberia Monrovia Director, Karen Barkman. 

    Click here to donate. 

    Hope for the Nations has been a registered charity for 20 years in Canada. Hope also provides donation receipts for tax purposes in Canada, the USA and UK. 

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