$40/month - Sponsor an Orphan's Education and All Expenses

$40 provides education & all living expenses of an orphan or semi-orphan child

A Tibetan proverb states that a child without education is like a bird without wings. $20 per month will give wings to a poor child through education and $40 per month will support an orphan child, providing education, accommodation, food, clothing and medication. Without assistance many Dalit children are often left to scavenge for food or forced to do manual labour from as young as 5 years of age. There are currently around 140 orphan children in our care.

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INDIA - Hyderabad: Destitute to Destiny

Caste away no more - Education and capacity building projects that provide a hope and a future for the Dalits of India
Destitute to Destiny is committed to lifting the poor out of poverty with special focus on the disadvantaged Dalit women and children of India. We support sustainable living, micro-enterprise and agriculture projects, fresh water wells for isolated rural... Read more >