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To provide operational leadership to support the projects of Hope for the Nations Philippines

Children are the most affected by poverty, putting them at risk of trafficking, abuse, child labor, poor health & malnutrition. It hinders their physical, psychological, social and emotional development and their education opportunities. It damages their chances in life and ultimately our society. 

The goal of Hope for the Nations Philippines is to break the cycle of poverty through good nutrition, education, health care and sustainable enterprises while showing them God's love and mercy.

To carry out this goal, HOPE has established Leadership Capacity Development to provide administration and operational support to run our programs in the Philippines.

Fundraiser Updates

  • Along with volunteers and slum-dwellers, the staff of Hope for the Nations Philippines has just finished Phase One of our community painting project. Dubbed as Colors Bring Hope, this transformation will add a layer of protection especially to the vulnerable children once all the houses are painted. It will also help eradicate the stigma of poverty and draw positive attention to this otherwise neglected and marginalized community.

    We are very excited to start Phase Two of Colors Bring Hope and we currently need sponsors for paint to finish the project. Your 750 PHP or $15 will paint a house. If you are interested to donate, please send us a message via Messenger or by email at inspiregreatness@hftnph.org.

    We are looking forward to partner with you in bringing hope, boosting morale and restoring the dignity of the marginalized by transforming their drab-colored community into a beautiful and colorful canvass.

    Thank you to the sponsors of Phase One.

    Please don't forget to like and share this video. It will help us a lot in raising awareness of the plight of the impoverished in the slums. Thank you.

  • The large number of out of school youth in impoverished communities offers evidence that traditional public school education in the Philippines no longer serve as an effective means of equalizing opportunity for economic and social advancement for majority of the children in abject poverty.  Unless we rethink and repackage our approaches to intervention, a lot of these children will quit school early and become unproductive, unemployable and even misfits in our society. Those who continue on with school often become chronic delinquents because they are immune to standard instructional programs.

    Here at Hope for the Nations Philippines, we are offering innovative education to impoverished children through our Pathway to Life Schoolhouse and the Learning on the Streets Program. Aside from the curriculum required by the Department of Education, we offer our students modular courses in godly values, entrepreneurship, public speaking, creative writing, basic accounting and bookkeeping, economics, environment and sustainability, advocacy, the Philippine constitution, governance, to name a few. 

    All our programs center around leadership development because our goal is to raise these children to become servant leaders with influence – leaders who have a deep love for God, a strong love for the country and a passion to serve.

  • After 12 months of planning, we finally opened the first Pathway to Life Schoolhouse in one of the squatters' areas of Davao City on August 1, 2017. This innovative school is really a leadership training center that adopts homeschooling style of education where students learn at their own pace based on their learning style, traits and giftedness. This is also unique because aside from teaching them the required academic curriculum, we offer modules in the basics of public administration, governance, peace building, economics, accounting, law, environment, sustainability, public speaking, technical writing, arts and entrepreneurship, to name a few.  With 22 students in our pilot batch, our vision is to see them take positions of leadership in the public and private sectors in the new future and become strong advocates for the poor. Our vision for the school is to see Pathway to Life Schoolhouses in different slums in the Philippines, raising leaders who have a deep love for God and for Philippines and a passion to serve.

    To learn more, please check out this video.

  • We are committed!!!!  This is the bird's eyeview picture of our showroom that we are in the process of completing.  Our plan is to have this open to the public no later than February 28th. Stay tuned!

    At the heart of organic Garden of Hope is helping poor communities grow their own organic food, live healthier lives and make a living out of what they reap.  

  • Today, we had our first “for sale” harvest and it was exciting for us, especially for our Livelihood Director, Benjie Gabriel, to see how much one vegetable container yields. We are in the process of organizing and finishing our “Garden of Hope Showroom” where we can invite to the families of the children at risk we serve and other guests who are interested in this livelihood program. Our plan is to start the training next month when the showroom is open to the public.

    At the heart of Organic Garden of Hope is helping poor communities establish space efficient, sustainable organic gardens where anyone can grow food, live a healthier life and make a livelihood out of it.


    January 24, 2014

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