Team Comedor 2016

Partner with us as a donor or a volunteer as we serve the elderly poor in Colima doing small construction projects in January 2016

Amor Christian church in Colima serve each day with their hearts and their hands.

They prepare food at their church, take folding tables and chairs, go out into the neighbourhoods where the poor and elderly live, set up their portable ‘dining room’, and lovingly serve them a nutritious meal.  That meal may be the only one the elderly get that day as many have little or no means to support themselves as there are no social services there.

These volunteers love on these elderly people by spending time getting to know them and building relationships.  While they are being fed, a volunteer shares from the Bible so these people can hear and learn more about God, His passionate love for them, and His great desire to have a relationship with them.  The “comedor” is not only feeding their bodies but also their spirits, and it is a beautiful thing to witness and come alongside of.

HOPE's primary focus will be sending volunteers from Canada to partner with the 'comedor' ministry and also to help at the Casa Cuna orphanage in Colima.  Hope volunteers find ways to improve the living conditions of the elderly by doing small construction projects such as pouring concrete and tiling floors, replacing roofs, adding on a new room, or building a small house.  Recipients are always encouraged to help out in any way they can so they can take ownership of the work being done and thereby get a 'lift up' and not a 'hand out'.  Many of these people live in a shelters made of a few broken boards and tarps with a dirt floor, sleep on a very old dirty mattress with little or no bedding, and rarely have a working shower.  Their living conditions are heartbreaking.  

Hope volunteers stay at the Casa Cuna orphanage run by Dennis and Diane Unrau.  The volunteers help in many ways at the orphanage spending time with the children, daily laundry duties, food preparation, cleaning and building maintenance.  

Your prayers for this ministry are most welcome as well as any donations for construction materials for the work to be done there.  

Thank you for visiting this page and may you be blessed for partnering with us at HOPE!


Fundraiser Updates

  • Towards the end of the missions trip Justina started to get more comfortable with our team. At one point she grabbed Tina's shovel and took over the heavy lifting!

  • All it takes is a few wires, a switch and a lot of electrical tape to lift a family out of darkness!


    John 1:5 And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.

  • These puppies are an excellent reminder that God can inject beauty and joy into the most dire of circumstances!

  • Young and old. Canadian and Mexican. God's Children together!

  • From Left: Matt, Roberto, David, Martin and Cole

  • At first this dog seemed to have little value. Our team learned an important lesson about refraining from judgment when it gave birth to two beautiful puppies!


    Remember that God has a marvellous plan for everyone that you encounter.

  • When traveling in Mexico the maximum occupany = # of seatbelts x 2

  • Tonight Steve took Chad and Colleen to the house of Bianca and her husband Marciel. Our team visited them at their home this morning to see how they're doing since the renovations last year. Marciel now has a steady job as a bricklayer, but his bike was broken making the commute nearly impossible. In comes the rescue squad. Keith just happened to have a tube he forget to remove from his backpack, and miraculously all the parts were available. Who knew? We have an amazing Father who loves to delight and surprise. 


  • Buenos Dias amigos. 
    It's quite remarkable that we're studying Nehemiah as we are building real walls in Colima. Steve and Lisa are marvelous leaders and it's so great to see them operating fully in their giftedness. 

    A quick update. We're now at the orphanage and working very hard. Brad, Chad, Hannah and Martin And Jeanine building walls and laying concrete floors at Angelica's housewhich requires a lot of mixing cement. We have a small mixer but it's backbreaking work loading the sucker with 12 ten gallon  buckets of sand and gravel plus cement plus two buckets of water. Load, mix, pour, repeat many times. Saying that-We're loving the work and building a relationship with Angelica, her husband, and two small grandchildren. We do the house renovations in poor neighborhoods and they're generally for widows or disabled people. It's very gratifying seeing the difference a small effort on our part makes in their lives. Most of these people make less than the $6.00 daily minimum wage in Mexico. 
    This addition we're adding on this week  ( one of three projects) is for Angelica to have a tortilla stand.  Colleen and Heidi are working at the house of an elderly blind woman, changing the area from a dirt floor shack with no roof to speak of to a complete concrete home. What an amazing difference! The house is now painted a bright white with a beautiful brown door. She will do some artwork with the address numbers to complete the job. Evelia may be blind but she knows exactly what she wants. 
    Dave, Matt, Martin T and Cole are our roofing crew and have just completed the kitchen at the home of Doña Cruz. The family of Keith,Tina, and  their eleven year old daughter are excellent brick layers working on Justina's second hand store, and this is their third year in a row down here. Lisa is chief cook and bottle washer and also levels a mean cement floor and Steve is supervising the whole thing( while putting his back into all the work of course)
    Like on Nehemiah's wall, our different tribes are all working toward a common goal. In it we act as the hands and feet of Jesus, sharing his love and his gospel. As we bless others, the Lord rains blessings down on each of us. God is good. 
    That's it for now. Hope all is well and thanks for your prayers. 

  • A few of us had the privilege of visiting Casa Cuña orphanage today. Although we stay at the orphanage in guest quarters, our mission here is to serve the poor of Colima in their communities- building, renovating, bringing greater hope to each family we have the privilege to serve. 

    This day we got to meet the children and caregivers of the orphanage, and then visit the Christian school run by the church which started it all. We were highly impressed with all, and blown away by the love, peace and joy which shines abundantly. There is so much we take for granted, such as a a welfare state which takes such good care of our own. The caregivers and staff of these homes carry a heavy burden, but do it so willingly as they walk in Gods call on their lives. 

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