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Sponsoring Children

Do you feel like I do and you want to make a difference?

I was at a concert the other day and they handed out pictures of children that need a sponsor. There are so many children but I would like to focus on one country, a child at a time so I can really invest.

I spoke to a friend of mine knew about an organization called Provision of HOPE that works through Hope for the Nations to care for Children at Risk in Liberia.

Here is a description of the Hope Homes that they operate:

Hope Homes are are healthy, stable homes that provide care for orphaned children through physical, spiritual and emotional development.

Children come in very traumatized and fearful, but with proper nurture and care, we see a big change in them after they arrive in our homes. We see smiles on their faces and watch as they begin to sing and dance again because they know they are valued for who they are.

Every child needs a loving home environment to develop properly. Our vision is to see more of these homes established.

Provision of Hope has a total of six Hope Homes where we assist over 60 children with food, clothes, medical needs and schooling. Some kids need sponsors and let's start with one child.

Want to join in? Stay tuned.

Fundraiser Updates

  • Karen, the director of Provision of Hope, and team just returned from a visit to Liberia. Here is some of her report:

    We visited 3 of our Children’s Homes.  Every home had a warm welcome, and a beautiful program for us!  What a privilege to come into these lovely homes, and be so honored and loved by everyone!!  Dapae, our 4th Home Dad, came all the way from Maryland County to see us!

    Our hearts were so touched to see the love and care that each child was getting in our homes.  Thank God for parents like these, who make a difference for children who are rescued from extreme conditions,  and give them a true sense of belonging and value.  “When I look into the eyes of these children, I see pure JOY!  Their eyes are full of HOPE!!

    This is Eric and Kamah’s beautiful family. They now have 20 children! 5 are new ones. They all need sponsors so if anyone is wanting to sponsor a child we would be happy to hear from you. What a show, the children had for us, including their children’s ministry!! See the speaker on the patio!!  They had a live band, made up of the children!! They were all singing and dancing with loud speakers when we arrived!! Every child came up to the mic and greeted us!  Kamah cooked a BIG DINNER for us too! What a party!!

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Where does the money go?

LIBERIA - Monrovia: Monrovia Hope Homes

Providing aid to the orphaned children of Liberia
This project runs 4 Hope Homes with over 60 children. These are homes where orphaned children are given assistance with food, medical care, clothing and education. These children have all been traumatized by the effects of the civil war, but today they are... Read more >