Stop the Circle of Orphanhood

Going against what the statistics say about orphanhood

About 30% of teenage orphan girls become pregnant while still in the orphanage, and are usually persuaded to have an abortion. About 50% will get pregnant within the next 1-3 years and more than half become single mothers with no means of support, as they haven't received education or job experience.

These young women desire to be loved and cared for, putting them at risk with young men who generously give their affection but only to the point of getting what they want. Then about 70% of them disappear forever. Even if the father stays (most likely he is also an orphan), this young family usually has no place to live and a very scarce income which is hardly enough to buy food and diapers. Soon they face the hard reality of not being able to take care of their child and many give up their children, thus continuing the circle of orphanhood. 

The goal of this project is to keep children of low income households with their families through counselling, financial aid, emergency health care, and teaching about life skills and child development.

The Destiny Center is committed to providing young parents:

  • Parental training seminars
  • Personal mentorship by volunteers who are raising children themselves
  • Educational & development classes for children
  • Housing assistance
  • Legal assistance
  • Basic necessities for children (food, school supplies, health care, clothing)
  • Summer & Winter Camps - an opportunity for growth and development in a focused environment


Get Involved

  • A donation of $50 gives one mother and her child access to our program and mentorship
  • A donation of $250 gives one mother and her child a camp experience in the Carpathian Mountains. Learn more about Destiny Center Camps here.


Fundraiser Updates

  • Our program for orphan mothers and their children keeps growing! We began Stop the Circle of Orphanhood for young single mothers who graduated from orphanages, but they keep inviting their friends, who were not raised in an orphanage, but still find themselves under the pressure of difficult circumstances. 

    Now, among our regular guests, we have teenagers from families who fled the war area, a woman and her young son whose husband is a soldier, and several children and teens whose families live below the poverty line. 

    It is a blessing and encouragement to hear comments from some of the mothers:

    "We became adults and with God's help we are able to take care of our chidlren. There are people who need help more than we do and our children do. We want to help you help them."

    Isn't that something you would love to hear from every perspn you have helped?

    Thank you for helping these mothers overcome the vicious circle of orphanhood!

  • While I’m typing this story, Carina is giving birth to her firstborn in one of the oldest and poorest maternity hospitals of our city. The father of the baby is not there with her – he disappeared for good as soon as he had learned about Carina’s pregnancy. Such situations occur again and again with many girls when they leave the orphanage – and, to be honest, it happens with many young women who can’t provide for themselves, have no place to live and no family to help.

    Carina would have been going through her first labor all alone, if not for Natasha, one of our most faithful and devoted volunteers at Destiny Center. It was Natasha who constantly took care of Carina while she was pregnant; brought her food and medicine, took her to see doctors when she needed it, prayed for her and supported her in every possible way.

    Every day we face such desperate situations of orphanage graduates, especially girls, who have no place to go to after they leave orphanage. Many of them end up in prostitution – sometimes it’s the only way they can provide for themselves and their children.

    Our dream and goal is to buy a property in Chuguev – a town where Natasha and her family live. It is a much more affordable place to live than in Kharkiv, and there are many orphanage graduates in that area. We are believing for a house with 3+ bedrooms for single mothers in need with their babies and a piece of land where we could build a greenhouse, rabbit hutches, henhouse, etc. Our volunteers are passionate about this project. We ask for your prayers and help to make it happen.

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