HOPE for Sustainable Food Security Systems & Practices

To enable our Children's Village & School to start their own food security system

This pilot project enables our Shan State Children’s Village and School in Myanmar to start up livestock and agricultural components of its own food security system. Instruction, along with live demos and practical training for staff and children, are combined with site visits to monitor and coach project progress and success. Year after year, over one hundred children residents will benefit from this project.

We are aiming to raise improved varieties of chickens, pigs, forage crops and forestry/fruit trees. Going green and living sustainably where possible, we will utilize natural farming techniques and proper land/soil preparation and maintenance for agricultural development.

We believe that an earnest pursuit of such sustainability will help to lower, or at least stabilize food costs. Even the smallest of savings could be diverted to fulfill the many needs of our children. And, if the project achieves its greater potential as a source of livelihood, the safe homes may have an opportunity to realize a modest income stream.

Thank you for your consideration and faith in our ability to take this valuable first step forward in creating food security systems that are sustainable.

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