Chumchon Community Center

A Fundraiser for THAILAND - Mercy Pattaya

Community Based Care

Chumchon is a word that describes an area where many people and their animals live, love, work, and all too often die, in extremely close proximity to one another.

These areas exist all over the city of Pattaya, where people regularly face the threat of sickness and death from malnutrition, lack of medical care, abuse, alcoholism and drug addiction. Mercy Pattaya seeks to find inroads into problems that will provide permanent solutions – one life, one community at a time.

The Chumchon Community Center is a facility where people can feel safe, be fed, educated, counselled, experience love and care, but most of all be a viable alternative to the drugs and alcohol which pervade their daily lives. Weekday and evenings host guitar lessons, English classes, life group and skills training, Thai culture and music events, and movie nights.

Plans are underway to extend the roof, provide outside lighting and renovate the kitchen, but already both adults and children are benefiting from this thriving community!

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THAILAND - Mercy Pattaya

Assisting the at-risk population in Pattaya, Thailand
HOPE agent, Mercy Pattaya , provides educational, social, and spiritual training for the vulnerable population in Pattaya, Thailand. They assist women and children who come to the city to find work and who find themselves exploited and at risk. Networking... Read more >