Crisis in Eastern Congo

A Fundraiser for DR CONGO - Ecole Shalom

To assist families displaced by war

An update on the situation in the High Plateau region from our implementing partner in DR Congo, Ray Bale:

To date seven villages in the region have been attacked. There is ongoing war which has resulted in burned houses, people killed and thousands of people displaced with most escaping down the mountains into Uvira. The situation is very complicated and it may be some time before these families will be able to return to their land to rebuild. Some have proceeded to Rwanda, some to Tanzania, some into refugee camps, but most are still in Uvira. Many do not want to go into refugee camps as they are unsafe. These people would like to return to their villages to rebuild once it is safe.

Some churches are helping but the need is staggering. No food, no cooking utensils, no accommodation, no clothes, and many of the children were expecting to enter school last week. Through our church in Rutemba, and our friends and colleagues at Ecole Shalom in Uvira, we are trying to help. Ecole Shalom has agreed to accept students at a minimal cost of $7 CAD per month. Many families are taking in those displaced but are struggling with providing food and shelter. We have currently identified 62 families with 188 children needing assistance and those 188 children needing places in school.

We are looking to provide one-time assistance to help get these families back on their feet and give some encouragement as well as provide schooling for all the children.

$170 CAD will assist one family with flour, rice, beans, oil, cooking pots, plates, water cans, and a blanket.

$70 CAD will place one child in school for 10 months.

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DR CONGO - Ecole Shalom

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