A Fundraiser for Hope For The Nations

To rebuild the Feeding Centre in Mexico.

Tragically, our feeding centre in Buenos Aires burned to the ground the day before Christmas. This centre regularly feeds upwards of 15 – 20 children every Saturday and is experiencing steady growth.

We would like to rebuild this centre for the community in two phases. Phase 1 being a basic storage and kitchen area to get the ministry up and running again as quickly as possible. Phase 2 will be to build a "galera", an open-walled, roofed structure which is the center of all activity in any Mexican community. The biggest challenge for this area is the intense Mexican heat that soars up to 120 degrees in the summer. Also, during the rainy season it is impossible to use with out the proper covering. This “galera” will be fully shaded and covered to protect from both the sun and the rain.

In addition, this new building will be used as a community gathering area where all church functions will take place.

We have already had a donor commit to the construction of Phase 1. We are now looking to raise additional funds to begin the construction of Phase 2. If you are able to help, we would love to work together with you on this exciting project.

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Where does the money go?

Hope For The Nations

All funds raised through this fundraiser will be allocated by Hope For The Nations to the area of greatest need.