Water Harvesting Project

To provide equipment to collect & store fresh clean water for the school


As part of the Sustainable Development Challenge, a group of grade 11 students from Kelowna, BC, are finding a solution for the Hope Gateway School in Nairobi, Kenya. Their overall objective is to help the school gain access to safely managed drinking water.


The school currently has no running water. They purchase water at the market and carry it back to the school. Sometimes this involves a 2-3 km walk. The water is often unclean.


Angel, Mel & Julia have designed a water harvesting system to catch rainwater from the roofs of the school. Their plan provides free, filtered water, and containers to store the water. Rainwater harvesting is a realistic solution to a desperate problem.


Let's support the young women and men of the next generation by giving them the opportunity to flourish with access to clean water. 


Find out more about Hope Gateway School here.....

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