Your Donation This Christmas Season Will Have a Global Impact

About Hope for the Nations

Hope for the Nations is a Canadian NGO, empowering children at risk to become children of change.

HOPE’s mission is to equip marginalized children to become leaders – those who affect positive change within their communities – by partnering with local organizations working within a wide variety of cultural contexts.

Our goal is to assist and empower the global community to bring about change and opportunity for children and families affected by poverty, war, and trafficking.

Our supported projects include educational initiatives, scholarships, housing, food programs, medical care, agriculture, micro-enterprise, community development, sustainability, and emergency response.

A Small Donation
Can Have a
Big Impact

This Christmas season, consider giving to those less fortunate—make a real difference in the world this holiday season with a donation that will extend beyond the festive season and have a positive impact in struggling communities around the world.

Around the globe, HOPE works in various communities to provide resources and promote sustainability. Our goal is to empower and educate those in need to grow and produce food for their families and community, to create opportunity, and to help give them a brighter hope for the future.

Help Shape the Future of Communities in Need

Hectares of Hope – Philippines

Hectares of Hope is a holistic transformational development program that envisions 50 rural farming families coming out of desperate poverty in 2 years and achieve a middle-class status in 5 years. Our main sustainable and scalable social enterprise is organic production.

We focus on equipping families and members of the community in 4 Key Areas; Livelihood & Sustainability, Financial Literacy, Innovative Education and Leadership Development, and Values Formation and Mentorship.

Seeds of Hope – Nepal

Seeds of Hope promotes sustainability by helping communities grow their own food by providing seeds, orientation, and basic training by agricultural experts for seasonal farming, cash crops, kitchen gardens, organic compost, and organic pest control.

Our program has helped families go from depending on food relief packages, to being able to grow enough food to feed their families, and in some cases provide a cash crop. Over 1050 people have benefitted from Seeds of Hope this year through the provision of seeds, agricultural practices, and composting.

Akae Dwelling – Kenya

With the food chain disrupted due to COVID-19, prices have soared and access to food has become problematic. HOPE, in collaboration with the Akae housing project, rose to the challenge and decided to grow their own food. Within weeks the vegetables began to grow, including cabbage, lettuce, kale, onions, eggplant, pumpkins, and herbs. Every square inch of the property is covered with plants.

Even the balconies are host to bags for vertical gardens and pots for tomatoes and herbs. Children and mothers are all watering and working! We know that “crisis” brings “opportunity” and the residents of Akae have risen to the challenge.

Garden Project – Romania

At two of our Hope for the Nations Romania locations, there are new gardens sprouting up, teaching the children how to grow herbs and vegetables for themselves. These garden projects are designed to not only educate the children in the programs, but to also generate sustainability in the community.

The children are excited about watching the produce grow and develop under their care and attention.

Your gift this season will go towards a sustainability or agricultural project in any one of the countries and projects we work.