A Donation This Holiday Season Will Have a Lasting Impact for Hungry Students in the Central Okanagan

About Food for Thought

There are over 5,900 children in the Central Okanagan that live in a food insecure home and are at risk of going to school hungry. Since 2009, Food for Thought’s aim has been to eliminate hunger in children, one child at a time, through various programs.

Now more than ever in these uncertain times, we need to invest in our children’s physical and emotional well-being.

We know that a hungry child is more likely to act out and less likely to achieve their personal potential. We have seen happy productive classrooms with reduced behavioral problems, increased academic performance, and a stronger sense of community.

A Small Donation
Can Have a
Big Impact

Food for Thought is hoping to create a positive impact for at-risk children during this holiday season that will stretch beyond Christmas and into the new year. A small donation will make a big difference for the local children in our backpack and breakfast programs.

Please consider the options listed below and give the gift of hope this Christmas.

Let’s Shape a Local Child’s Future Together

Adopt a Planter

You can adopt a garden planter that was decorated with artwork from Westbank First Nation’s Youth. The bottom of each planter has four individual paintings. An engraved metal plate will be placed on the raised artwork planter, dedicated to the person you choose for $250. This garden has so much potential for our youth as it will also provide field trips to educate local children about garden literacy.

When donating, please add the name of the person you wish to dedicate the planter to in the comments section.

Amount: $250.00

Dedicate a wheelchair accessible Garden Planter

The seeds for the Food for Thought Garden Project were launched this April 2020, to benefit the children of the Backpack Program. During a time of shutdowns and uncertainty a small group of committed volunteers came out to start the creation of a beautiful garden. You can dedicate a garden planter to a loved one for $250. An engraved metal plate will be placed on a stained wheelchair accessible raised planter. This planter will grow sustainable food for many years to come that will nourish our local children. You are invited to visit the garden next summer to see how our community is continuing to ensure local children don’t go hungry.

When donating, please add the name of the person you wish to dedicate the planter to in the comments section.

Amount: $250.00

The Breakfast Program

By nourishing our young students with a nutritious breakfast, we ensure they have the energy to learn and grow up to be healthy and strong. In an unpredictable world, Food for Thought continues to pivot programing to assist students in need with a nutritious breakfast to start their day. Our dedicated volunteers are safely packaging over 3000 breakfasts that are being sent out to elementary, middle, and secondary schools each week.


1 month $30.00
3 months $90.00
6 months $160.00

Grow Hope for the Backpack Program

Hunger doesn’t take the weekend off and the Backpack Program ensures the most at-risk students do not have to go through their weekends with empty stomachs. By growing hope this season, you can help make a difference in the life of a local child. Food for Thought can purchase food in bulk and at a discount. With a donation of $60 you can help a child for a month, providing nutritious food along with simple recipe cards to enable them to have food when they are not in school.


1 month $60.00
3 months $180.00
6 months $360.00