Legacy Giving

What Will Your Life Stand For?

At this very moment, HOPE partners, staff, directors, volunteers, ambassadors, and donors are restoring justice in areas where injustice has occurred, in righting wrongs, and in empowering children at risk to become children of change.

You have likely played a key part in helping us do what we do; imparting your heart for justice in tangible ways that empower us to have an impact.

Your involvement in changing lives doesn’t need to be limited to a lifetime. We want to continue sharing your beliefs, your ideals, your values, and your dreams for children at risk with generations to come; providing a better future, creating opportunities, and helping shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Legacy gifts are vital to HOPE’s continuing mission and provides you with the unique opportunity to continue changing lives beyond your own lifetime.

Leave An Indelible Mark

Legacy Giving represents an opportunity that not only endures, but creates a significant impact on future generations. Your contribution is not just for the here and for today. It's a gift that will benefit people you may never meet, or generations that have yet to be born.

Thanks to your support, you’ll be creating the chance to change lives beyond your lifetime, the chance to provide opportunity to those who had no hope, the chance to educate the young and bring grassroots change to countries in need.

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HOPE’s Commitment to You

Our commitment to you is that we will ensure your name and support will continue to live on through your generous legacy gift, that it will be used as specified, to help children at risk to become children of change, and to offer a brighter future for those in need.


This isn’t a decision to be made lightly and we highly recommend you contact your financial planner to discuss options for legacy giving. If you don’t have a financial planner, please contact HOPE for more information.

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