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  • D.R. CONGO: Emmanuel Centre, High Plateau Hope Village
  • D.R. Congo - Shalom Centre
  • INDIA: Pedong & Sikkim Children's Homes
  • INDIA - Dehrandun : Hope Academy
  • KENYA - Nairobi: Hope Gateway School, Sinai Slum
  • KENYA - Bungoma: Hope Transformation Center
  • LIBERIA - MONROVIA: Discipleship Training Center
  • LIBERIA - GANTA: Childcare & Feeding Centres for Malnourished Children
  • LIBERIA - GANTA: Foster Home - Mercy Program and Farm
  • LIBERIA - GANTA : Hope Academy School
  • LIBERIA - MONROVIA : Micro Loans Program
  • LIBERIA - MONROVIA: Monrovia Hope Homes
  • LIBERIA - MONROVIA: My Father's House
  • LIBERIA - MONROVIA : Widow Program
  • MALAWI: Hope Village - Orphan & Community Care
  • MEXICO - Colima : Instituto Adonai
  • MEXICO - Colima: Hogar de Amor y Protecciòn al Niño, AC - Homes for Youth
  • MEXICO - Hogar de Amor y Protecciòn al Niño, AC - Colima, Mexico
  • MEXICO - "Hogar de Amor y Protecciòn al Niño" - Jalisco, Mexcio
  • MEXICO - Manzanillo: Hogar de Amistad
  • MEXICO - Colima : Widows & Orphan's Project
  • MEXICO - Santa Rosalia : Miracle of Love
  • Shan State Children's Home for Former Child Soldiers
  • Burma - Shan State: Hope Home, Village & School
  • NEPAL: High Hope Expedition/Young Adult's Home
  • PHILIPPINES - Metro Manila: Community Care, Home and School
  • SWAZILAND: New Hope Centre
  • THAILAND - Pattaya: Haven Children's Home
  • UGANDA - Gulu: Home of Love children's home for vulnerable children
  • UKRAINE: Destiny Center for Orphan Students
  • GHANA - Accra: Children's Home & Academy
  • UKRAINE: Orphanages
  • KENYA - Nairobi: Hope & Bright Future Center  Soweto
  • KENYA - Kitale: Organics 4 Orphans (O4O)
  • THAILAND - Mae Sai: Hope Children's Village
  • Sponsorship
  • LIBERIA - MONROVIA : Refugee Programs
  • LIBERIA - MONROVIA : Student Scholarship Program
  • UKRAINE: Camps
  • MALAWI : Samalani Feeding Centre
  • MALAWI : Biasoni Feeding Centre
  • MALAWI: Hope Village - Micro Enterprise
  • MALAWI : Project 200
  • MALAWI : Miracle Maize Marathon
  • KENYA - Kitale: Bethlehem Children's Home
  • KENYA - Nairobi : Jerusalem Children's Ministry
  • Main Street Education Centre
  • Hope For The Nations
  • NEPAL - Solukhumbu Girls Hostel
  • KENYA - Turkana: Children's Homes & Education
  • PHILIPPINES - Cebu : GinaPADALA International Inc.
  • Healing Gate Ministries International
  • Lisa Brinkerhoff
  • Colima La Casa Mariposa (Butterfly House)
  • Child & Home Sponsorship
  • Ralph Bromley
  • Simon Court
  • Edwin and Evelyn Henkel
  • Kahlil Ashanti
  • Rob Hunter
  • Jenna Smith
  • jaeda macpherson
  • Lauren Villines
  • Graham Ord
  • Dalton Is Making a Difference
  • Convoy for Hope - Emergency Food Aid for Somalia



    Run Connor Run!

    Run Connor Run!

    Connor Clerke crossed the finish line back home in City Park, Kelowna at 4:45pm Saturday afternoon, a total of 12 hours, 45 minutes of running, and 130km!   Raising funds for the purpose of building a school in the D.R. Congo.  

    I checked in with Connor yesterday and he said that so far $5000.00 has come in and counting!!

    Please join us in doing your part by cheering Connor on making the impossible possible by CLICKING HERE to DONATE to this project which will change a village! 

  • One World Okanagan Event a HUGE SUCCESS!

    the captivating faces of children in the DR Congo

    the captivating faces of children in the DR Congo

    With approximately 150 people in attendance 'Connor Clerke' (organizer) expressed deep felt thanks and in his own words says, "The ONE world Okanagan Speakers Night at New Life Church last night was a huge success. Ralph Bromley, Nathanael Mugenza, Ray Zahab and Mark Irving all did a wonderful job of sharing their stories and music with a very captivated audience.

    The money raised from ticket sales will go towards the Emmanuel Center Project in High Plateau, D.R. Congo and youth expeditions and water projects supported by 'impossible2Possible'.

    A big thank you goes out to everyone who attended the Speakers Night and to all the sponsors who made the event possible.

    ONE world Okanagan isn't over yet though! This Saturday, June 25th I will be running 125km non stop from the United States border to City Park in downtown Kelowna to contrast the immense amount of clean, fresh water we have here in Canada compared to many other parts of the world."

    To learn more about the event and to get involved, visit:  www.oneworldokanagan.org

    CLICK HERE to donate and learn more about the Emmanuel Center Project in High Plateau, D.R. Congo

  • A Champion's Story CONT'D

    Judy with the kids

    Judy with the kids

    The one was a dream that God gave me that challenged me to get involved in building orphanages. Judy read the book "Be A Hero" by Wesley Campbell and Stephen Court. We are presently leading a small group through this book. These influences set us on the path we are presently on.

    Not knowing how to advocate for children at risk or build an orphanage we started talking to our church friends. One of them introduced us to Ralph Bromley. We started working on projects with HFTN in Gulu, Uganda. In 2007 I had the privilege of traveling to Gulu with Ralph and Donna. They had just visited Kenya and talked a lot about HFTN projects in Nairobi and Kitale. One of the young men they talked a lot about was Dalton and his street church. Over the the next year Ralph kept us informed about the projects in Kitale and Dalton.

    In 2009 Judy and I decided with some other friends to help build a home for Dalton, Lillian and the street kids they had taken in. We did a number of fund raisers here in Saskatoon and sent money to HFTN to get the project underway. At the same time we planned to go to Kitale and see the project get started. We arrived in Kitale on Sunday, November 8, 2009. We spent 17 days in Kitale encouraging and helping with finishing the foundation and seeing the first bricks laid.

    Our hosts were Chris and Candace Barrington who gave oversight to the project. We were accompanied by Stephen and Maghen Moorgen from Saskatoon.

    We were so thrilled with the children Dalton and Lillian had taken under their care. They blessed us in so many ways. Judy and I both agree that we received more from them then they received from us. They had such joy. God had really touched them and changed their whole world. From living on the streets, to living in a home where they received love, food, shelter, clean water and an education. They were so appreciative of everything they had.

    Dalton and Lillian are a wonderful couple and love their children. They have a great team helping them with the home. It was such a rich time their. Dalton is a man of God, teachable and very accountable. Lillian is a women of God with a loving heart, faithful and gracious. They are a young married couple who need our prayers. They have 25 kids to look after and just in January their very own child, Donna was born. We fell in love with them and their children.

    The Kiungani Chidren's Home is almost completed. We want to see it finished both on the inside and the outside. Think about what you can do to help.

    When we were in Kitale we met another couple, Joseph and Linet who had taken into their home 6 children orphaned by political violence. They have 2 children of their own. HFTN has committed to support them and has purchased an acre of land for them. Now we need to build them a house. We are champion's for this project also. Pray about how you can help us see Bethlehem Children's Home completed also.

    Judy and I are just ordinary people who through God's mercy have in a small way reached out to help those who are helping children at risk. We have shared our story and vision with many who have given to HFTN projects. You can do the same. find a project to champion and step out in faith to embrace it. Every action helps, no matter how large or small. Or you can become a friend of one of the projects already championed.

    Remember, you can make a difference.

    Kelvin and Judy Jones 

  • A Champion's Story

    On the Ground: Kelvin/Judy with Dalton & Lillian

    On the Ground: Kelvin/Judy with Dalton & Lillian

    By: Kelvin and Judy Jones

    "In 2005 Judy, my wife and I were dramatically impacted by two things in our lives that lead us to Hope for the Nations and advocating for children at risk." ...  READ MORE

  • Okanagan seniors making a difference

  • Present School Classroom

    Present School Classroom

    This will be a completely different picture once the new school is built after the $$ has been raised through the "One World Okanagan" event coming end of June!  

    Pick up your advance tickets today at the Hope for the Nations Office by emailing valerie@hopeforthenations.com OR calling: 250-712-2007

  • The area where the new school will be built and surrounding landscape

    The area where the new school will be built and surrounding landscape

    Continued from the Home Page 

    ...Last spring, I was chosen as one of four Youth Ambassadors to accompany ultramarathon runner and activist Ray Zahab and the impossible2Possible team on an epic 200 mile run through the Sahara Desert in Tunisia. The expedition opened my eyes to the water crisis and inspired me to continue working with i2P to educate and inspire youth to reach beyond their perceived limits and make a difference in the world around them. Over the course of 8 days, we ran 264km through searing heat and massive sand dunes, something I w0uld have never have imagined doing before.

    This past year while attending the University of Guelph, I brainstormed a number of different ways to combine both of these incredible organizations into one big fundraiser. I came up with ONE world. ONE world because it is in fact ONE world in which we all live in and we should all do our part to help our neighbour, whether that neighbour be living next door or overseas."

    -Connor Clerke


    Pick up your tickets today at the Hope for the Nations Office $10/students and $15/adults

    *All proceeds will be donated to this project (High Plateau Hope Village) in the Congo and Impossible 2 Possible




    LOOK AT SILAS TODAY ... Posing in his new clothes!!  This is since last February!!!

    This photo was taken after he was treated medically and given nutritious food.

    I love the quote of Mother Teresa “if you cannot feed one hundred people then feed just one.” 

    Rice has gone up to 60 dollars a bag and everyone pays for their drinking water. Life is so hard for those with no help. If you can help “just one”!                                  




    Just a few months ago Silas was so sick, we wondered if he would make it. He was malnourished and unable to walk.  

  • MA Esther standing on her land

    MA Esther standing on her land

    In February Ma Esther took us to see the land we are purchasing to begin the building of a new house for her and these precious children.The building site is in a quiet community near a good school. We are buying several lots so we can grow crops and do some gardening to help sustain these children.

    We are ready to clear the land and start the building project!

    CLICK DONATE now to be a part of this exciting project!

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