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I have had the honor of serving HFTN as founder and president for 16 years.

It is a joy to work with so many people around the world who bring significant change to the lives of children at risk. The world is not a safe place for children. We live in a world where most of the world's children face the evils of poverty, war and exploitation.

My own journey began in China where we lived under the shadows of the communist revolution. The elements of gunfire, war, evacuation and fear were all parts of my early years. However, I had a privilege which many others did not have - escape.

Today, Hope For The Nations is a 'boutique' society which enters the world of poverty, conflict and exploitation. It is a journey of generous and courageous people who seek to change the world of the child. Each brings their heart and resources to enourage and empower the lives of children.

Let us continue to walk together in this quest to make our world a better and safer place for children. Your gifts are important and your contribution makes a difference!



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  • College bound

    College bound

    Brief history:

    I am a ‘partial’ orphan. I lost my father when I was very young and my mother could not care for me. I lived and survived as a child for one year on the streets of Kitale. It was there where Dalton met me and brought me to the Dynamic Children’s Home which was in partnership with HOPE FOR THE NATIONS. I lived there for 11 years until I finished High School.   While at Dynamic, HOPE sponsored me to attend and complete Kabuyefwe Friends Girls Secondary School.


    I have been accepted at the Kenya Methodist University which is in Meru, Kenya. I want to do public health. I want to do this course since I am passionate to be a public health officer and give back to my community.

    I am so grateful for this scholarship. I have a bright mind and work hard at my studies but, as an orphan, I had no money to pay for my higher education. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this blessing.

  • George - the Chef

    George - the Chef

    My name is George Chege Wanjiru and I am the eldest son of Joyce Chege who is currently living in Akae Housing project in Mtwapa, a home that was blessed to us to live here by the president of Hope for the Nations.

    My passion is cooking, I want to acquire more knowledge and skills necessary so that I can help both my family and the community at Large.



    The college is in upcountry at Thika, known as Amboseli Institute of Hospitality and Management, located in Kenya,700 km far from where I live.


    I begin my studies on October 4 thanks to the scholarship from my Canadian family!! I am so grateful!

  • Frightened and Lost

    Outside police station

    Outside police station

    We all know of the story of the boy on the shore throwing Starfish back into the water. When asked why, his famous line was: "to this starfish it made a difference!".

    We have recently resuced one "starfish" from the shores of exploitation.

    Here is the brief story:

    At 7 p.m. the police corporal in Mtwapa called with an urgent request for help regarding a child abuse and neglect case.

    A 9-year old girl had ran for help to the police station to avoid the abuse from her mother who was lost in drinking dens. She was frightened, hungry, dressed in rags and had dropped out of school.

    The request from the police was practical: "Would you please provide us with assurance of the full provision of food, shelter and schooling for this young girl?" (We have a good working relationship with the police)

    Response? Christopher, along with our school manager and nutritionist, finalized the papers, took her shopping for some clothes and found her a safe place to stay for the night. 

    Outcome? One day later, this young girl is in our care, attending school and sponsored fully by HOPE FOR THE NATIONS.

    "To this one Starfish, it made a difference!"

  • Students at Work

    Students at Work

    "Two ordinary desks" you may observe.

    Not true. These are not 'ordinary' desks. 

    These are desks that our Level 8 students attending HOPE & BRIGHT FUTURE SCHOOL in the Soweto Slums are required to sit at in order to write their government exams.

    For one year, 24 of our students were unable to write their exams due to the fact that our school did not have the funds to purchase such desks. 

    The government has dictated that each student must sit at a specially designed desk. Unless they do, they cannot write these critical exams.

    Thanks to the generosity of our Doug and Donna, our Ambassadors of HOPE, we were able to purchase 24 these desks.!The students were able to sit for their exams and are now waiting for their results.

  • Writing exams

    Writing exams

    'Poor' students in Kenya face seemingly unscalable mountains when it comes to advancing their educational dreams.

    Level Eight students must write government exams if they want to move on to the next level. However, they must have the following requirements:

    • Birth certificate
    • Registration Fee
    • Specifically designed desks located in spacious classrooms

    'Poor' students living in the slums often do not have ID cards. They have been lost by their caregivers or never provided. Cost: $26

    'Poor' students cannot afford the exam registration fee. Cost: $31

    'Poor' students cannot afford a 'special' desk. Cost: $46

    Tragic result? Students cannot advance in their education because they cannot afford these requirements. Poverty kills their chance to advance.

    Thousands of hard-working, ambitious, bright-minded students hit the wall. They become victims of a misguided educational system.

    Good news? 24 students from HOPE & BRIGHT FUTURE SCHOOL just wrote their government exams! The very first to do so in this school.

    How did this happen? Donors who care about the future for these students gave generously. Donors like you who value education and step forward to become a strategic part of their education.

    Each student, along with HOPE FOR THE NATIONS, thanks you!



  • Doug in Soweto Slum

    Doug in Soweto Slum

    Travel from Prince George to Nairobi, Kenya is a long and tiresome journey. Yet, for the love and sake of the children, Doug made the trip.

    Doug came to Nairobi to work in the Soweto Slum (population of 600,000+) on a housing project built from 'containers'. He came as a welder but spent a lot of time with the children of the slum. To so many he became "uncle".

    As the building went up, his heart for these people in deep poverty increased. So much need, so much to do!

    Response needs to start with the 'obvious'... with the 'simple'. These children come to school everyday hungry. What about food?

    Upon returning to Prince George, Doug and Donna have started by purchasing maize and beans monthly for the school feeding program.

    I would love for you to join their team! Please join their team and help

    .90 klg maize = $36

    45 klg beens = $47

    A "simple" bowl of food makes a difference to each student!

    Thanks Doug for making this trip with me.

    Ralph Bromley
    President, HFTN






  • New computers

    New computers

    Computer literacy is so important to the students studying in this school located in the slums of Medan. Each student learns the basic skills of taught in the classrooms ... but these students need skills which will provide employment. 

    In July 2016 we opened a Vocational School with a 'major' in Office Administration. Students can work after finishing their school and they can be qualified to work and support their lives.

    12 Computers purchased through generous donors in CANADA helped to make the Vocational School dream become a reality.



    • as the means of joyful learning
    • as the means to develop students talent
    •  as the means to develop students character
    • as the means to develop students skills
  • The Fish Pond Team

    The Fish Pond Team

    HOPE FOR THE NATIONS wants to say a big THANK YOU ...

    to Electine for her professional expertise and oversight of this project.


    Electine and team worked diligently to construct the ponds and start the fingerling process. Local workers along with Linet and Joseph were ready and willing helpers at her side.

    Electine has also provided guidelines for feeding and care until maturity.

    Tilapia sell for KSH 150-200 so we should realize a good profit if the 1,500 fingerlings survive the journey to maturity.

    I want to thank the donors who made this possible through your generous investment!



  • Fingerlings into pond

    Fingerlings into pond

    This is an exciting day!

    The project has been completed.

    The pond has been filled with water and the 1,500 Tilapia fingerlings have been released to grow to maturity.

    This project was initiated to generate food for the home and 'cash' flow for the needs of the children. The 'profit' projections are healthy and we will now wait for the 8 month maturig process.



  • Day One

    Day One

    I met ELECTINE through email. She discovered the HOPE website and wrote asking in we needed expertise in the area of FISH FARMING.

    Electine graduated with her BSc from the University of Eldoret in "Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences". She has since had experience in the field but wanted to provide assistance for the non-profit sector. She wrote:

    To work in an organization or institution that would give me an opportunity to expand my skills and fully exploit my potential as I contribute towards the achievement of  their goals.


    -Aquaculture Extension services

    -Fish Feed formulation and production

    -Artificial propagation of catfish, breeding of ornamental  fish and Tilapia

    -Brood stock and Nursery management practices


    My response? A resounding YES, please work with HOPE!

    Electine visited the BETHLEHEM CHILDREN'S HOME in Kitale, produced a business plan and has now completed Day 1 or this project.

    Thank you donors for your investment in this initiative towards financial sufficiency.


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