Giving Children a Better Chance

Children at risk don’t have a say in the difficult and complicated issues that impact them: poverty, conflict, war, and trafficking.

The world is home to more than 1.2 billion children at risk. In many developing countries, this is 50% of the population.

We believe that these children deserve a better way to live. Every child should have access to nutritious food and clean water, health care, safe living conditions, and an education.

We believe the best way to provide these things is through community-based care.


What is Community Based Care?

By caring for children, our projects begin to transform entire communities.

We believe every child should have a home and community where they feel like they belong. That’s why our child care philosophy is centred around small, community-based children’s homes and foster arrangements. We work to provide at-risk children with a stable family structure that includes parental care and education. And most of all, a home where they feel loved.

Over the years, we’ve expanded into twenty-one countries around the world: building drop-in centres, community-based homes, and schools. We’ve also organized micro-enterprise programs, emergency aid relief, and critically-needed support services.

Two Children of Change

Philip and Durga are examples of children at risk who have grown into leaders in their communities. Because of your support, they grew up in safe and nurturing homes, and received a quality education. They have been empowered to change their future — creating better lives for themselves and their families.