Our Agents

We believe the best way to address the immense challenges facing children-at-risk is through partnerships. We work with individuals and local organizations who share our vision and values, but may lack the resources to work sustainably on the ground. These partners act as agents on our behalf in countries and communities around the world.

We equip our agents with the resources they need most, like funding for school supplies, salaries for teachers, or building materials for children’s homes or community farms. We also provide mentoring and relationship-based counsel to empower the individuals leading this important work.

Our goal is to ensure that children and families are empowered to impact their communities in a sustainable way. We work to help stabilize local economies, improve food security, and build health care and education systems. Our goal is to empower these communities with resources, skills and opportunities so that one day, they no longer require foreign aid to sustain themselves.

We work with

Area directors who oversee, guide and direct projects.

Organizations that facilitate the operation of children’s homes.

Entrepreneurs who fuel projects through expertise, labour or finances.

Local leaders in communities on the ground who share our vision and commitment.

“Many people want to contribute their resources to a specific cause or project, but don’t want to get caught up in the vortex of bureaucracy or membership. Partnership is the answer.”
— Ralph Bromley, Hope for the Nations Co-founder

Interested in becoming an agent?


Our Advocacy Partners

ARK International

ARK is an international body defending the rights of children at risk, restoring their dignity, and developing their God-given gifts. ARK strives to network, train and facilitate ministry in South East Asia by focusing on the specific needs for children at risk and their providing organizations.

Chab Dai

Chab Dai seeks to raise the standards of advocacy, prevention and care utilized by individuals, organizations, businesses, researchers and government agencies in addressing human trafficking and exploitation.

World Without Orphans

World Without Orphans is a global movement with a shared vision for orphans becoming sons and daughters. Our dream is that every child will grow up in a safe, stable and nurturing permanent family, and know their Heavenly Father.