Our Partners

We believe the best way to address the immense challenges facing children-at-risk is through partnerships. We partner with individuals and local organizations who share our vision and values, but may lack the resources to work sustainably on the ground. These partners act as agents on our behalf in countries and communities around the world.

We equip our partners with the resources they need most, like funding for school supplies, salaries for teachers, or building materials for children’s homes or community farms. We also provide mentoring and relationship-based counsel to empower the individuals leading this important work.

Our goal in each partnership is to ensure that children and families are empowered to impact their communities in a sustainable way. We work to help stabilize local economies, improve food security, and build health care and education systems. Our goal is to empower these communities with resources, skills and opportunities so that one day, they no longer require foreign aid to sustain themselves.

We partner with:

Area directors who oversee, guide and direct projects.

Organizations that facilitate the operation of children’s homes.

Entrepreneurs who fuel projects through expertise, labour or finances.

Local leaders in communities on the ground who share our vision and commitment.

“Many people want to contribute their resources to a specific cause or project, but don’t want to get caught up in the vortex of bureaucracy or membership. Partnership is the answer.”
— Ralph Bromley, Hope for the Nations Co-founder

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Our Partner Organizations

ACTION International

We partner with ACTION International, an international non-denominational Christian organization with projects in Gulu, Uganda. ACTION shows the love of Christ to at-risk children and their families through community outreach, children’s homes, feeding programs and vocational training.

Agape Gospel Mission

Our partner projects with Agape Gospel Mission in Accra, Ghana are focused on children with no access to proper medical resources. Children are given medical treatment, fed, clothed, housed, educated, and cared for by loving community members through hospital visits and the Agape Children’s Home.

Asian Outreach

Asian Outreach’s education and community development programs provide literacy classes, small business loans and training at-risk children and their families in the post communist country of Mongolia.

ARK International

ARK International’s mission is to educate, train and facilitate ministry in Southeast Asia. They focus on the specific needs for children-at-risk and work so these children can be cared for and equipped to make a unique contribution to the world.

Be A Hero

Be A Hero is a charity that creates heroes out of ordinary people by providing them with opportunities to change the world, one child at a time. Their work includes building orphanages, schools, clinics, and developing micro-enterprises.

Divine Inheritance

Our partner, Divine Inheritance is a charitable nonprofit with projects in Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand. They focus on rescuing children from military conscription as child soldiers

Global Enrichment Foundation

Global Enrichment Foundation is an incorporated non-profit organization that seeks to promote peace and development in Somalia through educational and community-based programs, while providing resources for humanitarian interventions during times of crisis.

Grupo Amor de Mexico, A.R.

Grupo Amor de México, A.R. is an organization founded in 1992 to help at-risk children in Colima, Mexico. They have an established group of homes for children at risk throughout three different states in Mexico.

Hope for the Nations Children’s Charity - United Kingdom

Hope for the Nations Children’s Charity helps empower children facing poverty, slavery, and trafficking, and welcomes them into community based home care where they are loved, nurtured, and provided with a better chance at reaching their full potential.

Jesus Loves The Little Children Foundation (JLLCFI)

JLLCFI was established in 1998 to meet the needs of at-risk-children in Manila, Philippines. Located in the largest slum in the area, Barangay Pinagbuhatan, JLLCFI’s projects engage in community development and poverty reduction for at-risk children and their families.

Love Mercy

Love Mercy is a nonprofit that exists to help develop and empower sustainable communities in rural Africa and to free them of poverty, hunger, sickness and oppression. Love Mercy develops clean water sources and organic farming projects for communities and at-risk children.

Mercy Centre Ministries

Mercy Centre is a non-profit organization with projects that provide emergency and ongoing care and support for at-risk children, including operating a licensed home for street and slum children in Thailand.

Organics 4 Orphans

Organics For Orphans’ work focuses on extreme poverty and food security issues in Africa. They empower communities to move from food reliance into conditions of self-sufficiency.

Partners in Action

Partners in Action is a non-profit organization that exists to serve the poor and displaced people throughout regions of Africa by assisting in meeting their physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

Project AK-47

Project AK-47 is a nonprofit organization that rescues child soldiers and children in armed conflict in Southeast Asia and provides them with long-term care and rehabilitation through adulthood, including educational and career development.

Provision of Hope

Provision of Hope is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving those affected by war and conflict in Liberia, West Africa and the Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana. Provision of Hope exists to assist children-at-risk, widows and refugees with education, nutrition, housing and health care needs.

The Small World

The Small World is an organization that collaborates with charities, nonprofits, volunteers and local communities to improve the socio-economic standard of underserved rural communities in Nepal.

Tiny Hands International

Tiny Hands International is a nonprofit that began anti-trafficking work in 2006 to help prevent the thousands of young girls who are illegally trafficked across the Nepal-India border each year and sold into the sex industry. Tiny Hand’s projects include border monitoring, education and care for formerly trafficked children.